5 O’Clock Shadow on my Miata


Two weeks ago, I drove to LA to visit a good friend.  I drove all day to get there, spent the night, went to the conference in the morning, and then drove back to SF  immediately afterwards, so it was, round trip, about 15 hours of constant driving with no breaks for anything.  Now, I’m not writing about the driving itself, which is unremarkable.  I’m not even talking about Taoism, which is even more remarkable.  No.

I’m talking about my cute little baby, a 2002 sunlight silver Mazda Miata, all of a sudden, getting this 5 o’clock shadow on her face, like she’s a man!

At first, I thought it was road dirt, but upon closer inspection, it  turned out to be squashed bugs, all over her face and my windshield.  I put her through two washings, where these cheerleader pom poms whirled around her and squirted soap all over her sleek body.  Her windshield got clean— sorta— but the bugs were still stuck all over her poor mouth area, looking more and more like a man’s five o’clock shadow.

Now, I would normally just go out there with a bucket of warm water and a sponge and just scrub them off her, but it’s kinda icky to me to be scraping off dead bugs from my car, so I’ve been putting it off.

She still looks scuzzy, and I’m hoping for a huge out-of-season rainstorm so I can take her out cruizin’ and hopefully, clean up the bugs on her face.

One thought on “5 O’Clock Shadow on my Miata

  1. And the speed you were doing on the way back, her 5 o’ clock shadow grew at around 2 PM!


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