School Kinda Sucks…Classroom Drama


So where was I?  Oh yeah.  I was telling you about the philosci dreams I’d been having, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT after Old Dude appeared and told me I had to go back to school.

I hadn’t written anything for about a week because to be honest, there was very little to say, other than the massive, boring downloads that had to do with very large, and conversely, very small things, and the actions and reactions that they exhibited with each other, as well as in conjunction with other external factors.


It’s all rather tedious and not much fun, but it was very predictable.  As soon as I got into bed, I would fall into a deep dream-state filled with these moving diagrams of geometries, spinning and cavorting in space.

And there would be some dull voice, droning on and on about how different geometries affect the currents of the liquid that they were floating in.

I learned about the mind-numbing array of geometries out there and their specific names, and  I learned how to calculate the effects of the currents, depending on the shape difference of each geometry.

I learned that it was these currents that had been generated by these various odd-shaped geometries that caused very predictable things to happen in other areas…that so-called spooky action at a distance was really just the currents of the liquid water bouncing off the odd angles and planes of various geometries.


OK.  I know, I know.  Enough with these boring details. I know you guys would prefer to hear the action parts of the dream.

I don’t remember most of the philosci data I received upon waking, but I do remember the classroom drama that I was involved in last night, so let me recount the tale before I completely forget about it all.

As I’ve been saying, Old Dude put me back in school.  My classroom had plenty of students, but one of those students is an exquisite girl with long wavy black hair and eyes so mesmerizing that the only way to describe her would be a single word.



For some reason, she followed me around from class to class, and attached herself to me.

From the look of things, we were best friends.  However, attached to her were five guys of varying looks and disposition.  As she clung onto me, they stuck to her like little puppies on a stretchy line.  Wherever we went, there they invariably would appear.


These guys were all in love with her and each vowed in his own way, that he would be there for her, through thick and thin, no matter what happened.  It was all very sweet in a corny kind of way.

Well, it would have been fine if it hadn’t been for the fact that she got pregnant.

Of the five guys following her, only two had anything to do with the pregnancy.  Since there was no way of knowing which guy had actually fathered the child, until such time as the baby was born and could be tested, she asked me to be the mediator, and to set up talks with the two guys who were affected by this turn of event.

So there I was, talking with them.  I pointed out the two who actually had something to do with the state she was in, and surprisingly enough, all five vehemently insisted that they would take care of her. Since I was her friend, it was my job to pass on whatever gifts and support the guys had promised her.


At first, it was a very steady stream of gifts and funds, but towards the end of the semester, there was only one guy left who was still around and taking her to and from classes, and making sure she was tutored enough to finish out the semester.

Exams came and went, and on the last day, when we were supposed to go check our scores, I was there with her.  The only guy who was still hanging around her went into the classroom to check on the exam scores.

For a long time, he did not come out, so she told me to go in and look for him.  I slipped into the room to see that he was in deep discussion with one of the teachers.  From where I was standing, I could see that his score was 1050, a full 50 points above the top mark of 1000.  Her score was 520, which was a failing grade (a passing score would need to be 550).

I could see what was taking him so long.  He was pleading with the teacher to please, take the 50 from his score and pass it over to my friend so she could have a 570, which would be considered very low, but passing.  I was amazed at his score because I had already seen my own grade, which was 970—not shabby for a lazy Taobabe like me; but how he got an extra 50 points was beyond me, since I didn’t see any extra bonus point questions.

In any case, it was a moot point.  The teacher was having none of it.  My friend would have to retake the semester to properly learn the information that she did not absorb.  The guy could not shift his extra points over to her, and in fact, the teacher had no power to do so either.

I slipped back out of the classroom to let her know what had just transpired.  This was bad because it meant she would be left behind while the rest of us who had passed, moved onto the next world where we would continue our studies.


From behind me, I could hear the sound of the door opening and then closing, and I could see them wordlessly look at each other.

I left them, clinging to each other as if they would soon be parted.  And in deed, that was what happened.

The very next day, after finals had been calculated, I was on board some flying ship, along with the rest of the students who had passed.  We were heading out for another school.

Our next adventure lies ahead.  More classes to take.  More streaming downloads of crazy philosci information.  More new friends to make.  More of everything.

This dream still has details to it, but I’ll leave it for the next installment, since this post is getting rather long.

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  1. During the Overnight this dream’s details assembled themselves into…what else?
    An I Ching reading!

    The ‘classroom having plenty of students’ became a group of un-separated yarrow stalks…

    You became the single yarrow stem put aside as a ‘witness’…

    The five clinging young men (non-moving yang lines?) and the young woman receiving all their attention became the initial hex…well, I’ll depend on you to connect the rest of the dots :))

    An ancient ‘healer’ truism is ‘the doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient’…
    Psychiatrists go to see ANOTHER psychiatrist…
    I guess some activities are just easier done by a team…


  2. Wow. I didn’t even think about the hexagrams in regards to this dream. Can you please do that I Ching reading for me? Would the hex be yin line at the top (10 – Lu / Treading (conduct)) or yin line at the bottom (9 – Hsiao Chu / The Taming Power of the Small)?


  3. …trying it the other way, moving yin in the first place with five yang lines above is pretty interesting though: 44.1.1 : “birth”

    changing to: “time and timing”

    This is from LiSe Heyboer’s site, which I like because the script characters seem to be most ancient, and she has the most documentation about the “lianshanyi” or ‘continuous mountain changes’…


  4. Looks like I mis-remembered the “moving line” notation…
    There doesn’t seem to be a middle digit indicating the ‘moving line(s)’ generating the second hex…eg “41.1”, not 41.1.1 in the above.


  5. Ah! 43 – Kuai / Break-through (Resoluteness). This is actually very appropriate for the drama in the dream. Your I Ching divination is spot on.


  6. In casting the lines, it is always the bottom most line that is the first. You start from the bottom and build up, so that your last cast is the top line. This would be the most appropriate if you were to do a real divination casting.


  7. Heheh…a “real” divination?

    Well if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black 🙂

    I rather like your Taoist way of thinking outside the box when you follow “the only rule is there are no rules”!

    We live in trying times Taobabe…I don’t have any idea who started the “bottom up” tradition, but disallowing “top down” or “inside out” seems to chafe at the yijing’s most important lesson…”embrace change”.

    But, I must admit, in the interest of avoiding total chaos, having a set of rules to follow can be stabilizing…so when I use real yarrow stalks or real coins, I will always build the hex from the bottom up!


  8. hehehe. 😀
    Well, I didn’t mean it as—-YOU MUST DO THIS!!! I fired off the response late last night, right before bedtime, stating that this is how I did my divination, as the Taoists have been doing it for thousands of years. I mean…you can read anything however you want, but eventually, it can get to the point where it’s just fishing for the answer you want to hear (if you don’t like this answer, try that, and failing that, try this other thing until you’re happy with the answer you do get), instead of what the divination actually wants to tell you.


  9. Must admit I was a bit tired myself when I posted that comment, and do thoroughly enjoy and welcome any pointers you can give regarding authenticity while using the I Ching. Heck, there is even a hex devoted to admonishing anyone using the book AGAINST asking the same question repeatedly until receiving the desired answer…
    It was kind of interesting trying to abstract the hex directly from a dream without doing a divination ABOUT the dream first…identifying the lines without having any way to know what order to put them in and just guessing is probably too much of a shortcut…
    Also, I can honestly say I’ve never felt any ‘Tao-ier than thou’ undercurrent in any of your responses to anyone…kudos to you on that 🙂


  10. Hey, good analysis by Allan C., the five guys made me thing of hex 44 already. 44.1 seems appropriate for a reading.

    Why do you use this expression “through the thick and thin”? Is it from your dream? Do you know about this song, the Killing Moon?

    One morning, I just sat bolt upright in bed with this line in my head: ‘Fate up against your will. Through the thick and thin. He will wait until you give yourself to him.’ You don’t dream things like that and remember them. That’s why I’ve always half credited the lyric to God.

    Why would fate fail an exam? 44.1 seems to be the explanation. The song says that as long as you have the will to fight you don’t give in to fate, so those who passed moved on but fate is still waiting. It seems related to wu wei.


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