Daemonic World


Nothing fires my imagination more than the idea of a daemonic world.  It conjures up images of fantastic landscapes out of the imagination of Hayao Miyazaki, completely populated with beautiful, tall, ethereal otherworldly beings of great power, able to do things that we humans cannot do.

They are beautiful demi-gods who shape-shift with ease and wield mystical powers that are not part of the fabric of this realm.  They can walk on water, fly up into the bright blue skies, and step through portals into other realms, including our own.

Meanwhile, we humans can do diddly squat.  I, therefore, have to ask.

Why are we humans so dull and ordinary, compared to these beings?  It does not seem fair at all to be on the drab and vapid side of the balanced tajitu, whereas those wondrous magical beings get to be on the angelic and pulchritudinous side!



…she screams in frustration, even as the Taobabe sips a cold Coke while listening to a happy, poppy KPop song streaming  into her wireless earbuds from somewhere out there in the dang-blasted empty air!

OK, so being on the wrong side of the wondrous and surreal daemonic world does have a few advantages.  I am partial to modern comforts like mango ice cream, streaming video, washers and dryers, and self-driving cars (patience, young grasshopper, self-driving cars will be on the road in very short order).

Still, since they are wondrous beings, who’s to say they don’t have ice cream and self-driving vehicles?  Ice cream is just a given.  Who doesn’t like ice cream?  And self-driving vehicles are a no brainer.  Although any self-respecting daemon can supposedly fly short distances using his or her wings (or whatever it is they use to fly with), for long distances, that’s gotta be tiring on that latissimus dorsi.  I’m sure if given a choice, they’d rather just hop into a vehicle and snooze until they had arrived at their destination.


I don’t think the daemonic world will have all of the modern comforts of home that I have long been used to.  I can hardly imagine any daemon would have a real need for a garbage disposal, or a cappuccino machine.  Do they even eat or drink vegetative matter?  Or do they just go after our blood (like a vampire), or loosh (like Monsters, Inc.), or brain matter (like a zombie)?

And if, assuming that they could use us humans as a food source of some type, would we also, in that same balanced taijitu fashion, be able to use them as sustenance?  I mean, what is it that they have that we could possibly use for nourishment?  Would they be tasty as BBQ meat?


…just joking…I don’t think I could eat a daemon…that’s just too freaking disgusting to even contemplate (barf).  For starters, I don’t think they bathe at all.  What self-respecting daemon takes a shower?  Do they even do laundry?

How silly of me.  Why would daemons be doing laundry?  That would just be too ordinary (as in human ordinary) for powerful beings like them to have to wash their clothes; so, obviously, there wouldn’t be a washer or dryer in that realm.  This means either they wear dirty, stinky clothes all the time, or they just don’t even bother with clothes.

But that just does not jibe with the image of the beautiful super-powerful beings who can do all things supreme.  I just cannot imagine naked daemons running around trying to rule the universe, with their hookies hanging out.  That’s just too comical to be true.  So dirty clothes it is.

Well, heck then, I’d fight them just to get my hands on their laundry and dunk them grimy skanky things in hot water and soap.  Failing that, I’d hold my nose for as long as I could as we negotiated some form of truce.  We need to be somewhat respectful of their customs, after all.

daemonguyIn any case, I do like the idea of reading about fierce daemons and find joy in learning of their exploits, as they fly around the universe, doing awesome things.

But if you are suggesting that I fight them, I’d have to think about that (get off my lawn, you dang-blasted daemon!  You’re making dead spots on my grass!).

Of course, I am just indulging in a bit of mental gymnastics because what are the chances of a daemonic world being a reality?  Could this daemonic world possibly be real?

Surprisingly enough, Richard Wilhelm thinks so.  In the process of writing up his annotations for the Ta Chuan’s chapter 5:7 and 5:8, he mentioned the daemonic world, and even added some descriptions of their realm.

According to Richard Wilhelm, this world of the immutable is the daemonic world, in which there is no free choice, in which everything is fixed.  It is the world of yin.  But in addition of this rigid world of number, there are living trends.  Things develop, consolidate in a given direction, grow rigid, then decline; a change sets in, coherence is established once more, and the world is one again.  

The secret of tao in this world of the mutable, the world of light–the realm of yang–is to keep the changes in motion in such a manner that no stasis occurs and an unbroken coherence is maintained.  He who succeeds in endowing his work with this regenerative power creates something organic, and the thing so created is enduring. [1]

Yin-Yang The immutable world of yin.  What does that look like when represented by the tajitu?  Since I know more about our world, let’s start there–and then anything that does not describe us must therefore be them.

First of all, we live in the mutable world of light, the realm of yang.  One might think that we are on the side of the tajitu that’s white with the black spot because what’s yanger than white, right?  But that’s not what we see.

Remember, in one of my previous posts, DNA and the I Ching:  The Integration all matter in our universe makes up only about 4% of everything in the universe.  Everything else, the rest of the 96% of the Universe, is dark matter.  In fact, we are surrounded by darkness.  That’s why, when we go out into space, it’s black.  No light escapes our darkness.  We’re living inside a black hole.

Our suns are the only things that are lit up, in an endless ocean of darkness.  All those suns, contained within all those spinning galaxies, compressed into a tiny 4% area of space–that’s the little white spot you see in the middle of that spinning vortex on the black side of the tajitu.

The other side would be the light side.  The light side with the dark spot.


(to be continued)

[1]  Ta Chuan

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  1. taobabe,

    How would you like a fourth bagua sequence of 8 trigrams?

    We can call this the lianshan sequence…8 overlapping trigrams to create a ring made of just 8 yin/yang lines:


    (a) Draw these 8 yin/yang lines on a one inch by 3 or 4 inch strip of paper or cardboard (index card is what I used);

    (b) Roll the strip into a circular band, with the yin/yang lines visible on the outside;

    (c) Using a piece of clear tape, connect the ends of the paper/card together, so the one inch wide ends overlap each other, glued by the tape.
    (The yin/yang lines should be equally spaced apart (especially the lines at each end where the card overlaps);

    (d) You now have eight trigrams going around the band, using a total of 4 yin and 4 yang lines;

    (e) Choose any 3 adjacent lines as you rotate the ring…all eight trigrams are there!

    The trigrams are in a different order than the three you showed us.


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