I Ching Sphere (Part 7): Putting It All Together

anime girl 162 yinyang

(…continued from I Ching Sphere (Part 6): Levels 4, 5, 6)

Slicing up an entity, no matter the size, will always result in a distorted image of said entity.  There is no way to represent it as it is, when it exists in small bits and pieces of itself.  I sliced up the I Ching so that I could show the mathematical formula for the representation of the I Ching in its basic form and the slices look like this.

complete sphere med

This is the 2D representation of the I Ching in slices.  Of course, we are only doing this as a thought experiment.  We want the I Ching to be formed in the way that it should be so we need to put it all back together.

When it is in one piece (more or less), we get a 3D-looking representation.  It looks like this:


But even this does not quite do it justice because it is still just a 2D representation of a 3D model.  So I have to find something that looks more like this:


Unfortunately, even this 2D representation of a 3D structure falls short because as I previously mentioned, it is not a 3D structure.  It is a 6D structure.  Since I can’t represent six dimensions on a two-dimensional surface, all I can do is give you a picture of one portion of one side of the entity.

This is like viewing a small section of an elephant butt and trying to visualize the elephant.


It can’t be done.

We open up our shutter lens as far as we can and we see the wrinkled skin of the elephant, with a small swishing portion of a tail.  All of a sudden, we get whacked on the head by a trunk, but we don’t see the tail moving so we think it’s a ‘trunk god’ hitting us over the head.  In reality, it is the trunk that belongs to the elephant whose tail we are scrutinizing that hit us because we have gotten too close for his comfort.

Einstein calls it the “spooky action at a distance” aka ‘entanglement’.


That is why Lao Tzu said that the Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao.  We can’t truly describe an entity that is more than 3D (well, we could, but only mathematically, and even then…) so anything that we can draw or form in our physical 3D world would only be a tiny aspect of the whole.

Add to this the added complication of movement and we are screwed.  You see, just as nothing stands still, neither does the I Ching.  It is constantly moving through space and time, so it is not spinning like a dinner plate on the table.  It is not even spinning like a marble on the table.  It is actually flying through space, so the movement will be a vortex movement more like this:


This is a little closer, but in showing the motion, I lost the detail.  See what a bitch this is to represent?  Let me get back into to the detail.

This is a bit more like it.  Keep in mind that in this diagram, I only show two iterations of what should be continuous and endless:


The I Ching looks like the yinyang or taichi symbol at a standstill, but when it is moving through space, it is basically a moving wavenest, an infinitely vibration that is emanating centrifugally and centripetally from a center which,  when reaching the limit of the field, it reverses polarity and returns to the source.

In one of my previous post, As Above, So Below, I stated that the I Ching is a fractal, as described by all the various cool dudes of philosophy, including that hella sexy Ningishzida when he wrote in his green tablet, ‘The formation of the microcosm is in accordance with the formation of the macrocosm’.  This means that it not only does the I Ching’s formations work at the tiny nanoscopic level, it also works on a big scale.  How big you say?  Let me ask you this.

How big you wanna go?

In an effort to capture an image of this formation in the physical world on a macro scale, scientists have managed to provide us this image of the 6DF Galaxy Survey:

6dF Zoom IPS

This is the entirety of it.


Remember, each dot is NOT a sun.  Each dot is a GALAXY.

dot galaxy


My head aches.  Time for a coffee break.  I’ll see you guys in my next post.

anime girl 158

Yi Globe. Jozsef Drasny.  Budapest. 2007

The Teikemeier/Drasny Sphere.  Dr Andreas Schöter. 2012

6DF Galaxy Survey

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  1. Thank you Diane. I try my best to be entertaining, but the subject matter is esoteric or scientific enough so that anime is needed as comedic relief. 🙂


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