Human CCC 2: The Science Behind the Human CCC Tower

(Continued from Human CCC 1:  On the Confluence of Crows and Monkeys)

You all know me by now.  If there is anything I love about Taoism, it’s that much of it can be backed up by science, with the rest of the more esoteric stuff, still yet to be proved, not because it’s not based on science but because science hasn’t quite caught up with the ancient technology yet.

Indeed, much of Taoist tenets is still in that quasi-scientific realm whereby we haven’t quite understood it yet, but we’re getting there, and we’re getting there fast.

The Bellows

In one of my earlier writings, I spoke of the ‘Bellows’ that were clearly stated by Lao Tzu in the Tao Te Ching, written two thousand years ago: 

“The space between Heaven and Earth, Is it not like a bellows?  Empty, and yet never exhausted.  It moves, and produces more.”

In one of my previous posts, Goddess of Frequency 5: Force Shield, I had talked about the energy that exists between the area between the Earth’s surface and her three plasmaspheres which act as a containment force shield between Earth and the Heaven–that dark void we call ‘outer-space’.

Schuman Resonances

This energy is the Schumann Resonances which bounce around within the cavity between the surface of the Earth and the inner edge of the ionosphere, roughly 55 kilometers up from the surface. In a nutshell, Earth’s energy is electrical in nature, the very same electricity that powers your home and your cell phone.

And since we’re on the subject of electricity, let’s think about how electricity works.


Firstly, it does not require a conduit like a wire or a cable because electricity does not travel in a single-file line. It radiates and meanders.

That’s because electricity is not a current flowing within the wires, but rather a dynamic ELECTRIC FIELD that encompasses an area. (see fig. 1)

Fig. 1, Energy Field

This means that the idea of using a cable to charge a device has become obsolete. All my devices, from my iPhone to my Apple watch uses a wireless pad that I simply place my devices onto and they automatically charge. The only time I use a cable to charge my electronics is when I am traveling and don’t want to bring all those bulky charge pads.

Awesome news is–in the near future, I won’t need to use either of them.

Wireless Charging

According to an article in Interesting Engineering: “WPT, or wireless power transmission, is the transmission of electrical power from one point to another through a vacuum or the air, without the need for wires or other physical means. WPT can be used, conceivably, to provide instantaneous power delivery or continuous delivery of energy on demand.” (2)

This is actually really old technology. It’s been more than a century since Nikola Tesla proved wireless power over distance was possible, and we are barely just now getting into the nitty gritty of it all. This is going to be how we will be able to wirelessly recharge a smartphone up to 10 feet away through the air. (3)

Our latest technology can utilize solar energy combined with radio-frequency (RF) harvesting to charge (for now) smaller devices like IOT (internet of things), toothbrushes, small handheld devices, and smart watches.

It does so by grabbing all that sunlight, as well as all the radio waves bouncing around our home, which would be emitted by devices like our Wi-Fi router. All these light waves and radio waves could then be converted into energy and fed directly to our devices.

Instead of having a battery inside a remote, there’s a super-capacitor that charges up to 80 percent capacity in just 10 minutes by combining solar and RF harvesting. (3)

So why am I belaboring the idea of wireless charging in a post about the CCC (Collective Consciousness Connection)? It all has to do with electricity and how we can utilize it to broadcast our CCC all over the world.

Electrical Transmission of the CCC

Awhile back, I had written in one of my posts, The Body Piezzo Electric, that we are individual little black holes.  

What I mean by that is that wherever we are, there is light—the rest of the room is dark.  In fact, our entire mind and body is a huge magnet which attracts every ounce of light that comes our way from the universe.

We suck all this light into our DNA and we use this light to maintain our huge well of electrical impulses which sizzles through our bodies and fires off all our nodes and connections.  

In short, we are the energetic principality of light which sparks the photon waves into matter.

Our brains use electricity. Our heart uses electricity. Our muscles use electricity. We are a sparkling, humming, bright orb of conscious light.

Every time we think about something, be it a bagel topped with smoked salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese, or a difficult post on electricity and Schumann Resonances, the energy of all that electricity reverberates all around us in an energy field (see fig. 1)

Oh man. Suddenly I’m starving for a salmon cucumber bagel. I should share a recipe with you, as this is really healthy and will keep your brain and heart singing with energy.

Bagel with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, salmon, cucumber, and dill:  Finely chop up some dill and mix with cream cheese. Save a small amount of dill for garnish. Spread the dill-cream cheese mixture onto a toasted bagel. Top with cold sliced cucumber, smoked salmon and dill to garnish. Enjoy!

Speaking of bagels, this leads into the topology of energy.


Just as a refresher, I wrote about topology in one of my previous posts, 4D – 3: The Topology of Pastries, where quantum physics topology materials are described as mathematical objects with a set numbers of holes.

In the case of our salmon cucumber bagel, this delicious treat can be viewed as a mathematical object with a set number of holes (namely, one). What we need to do is to carve a Möbius strip out from within the bagel so that we don’t have to eat so much of the dough, but also to turn it into a twisted torus.

All this energy starts off as electricity in our brains. This ‘brain electricity’ or brain energy, when directed through a ‘twisted torus’, (what Dr. Carlo Séquin calls a ‘galactic concentrator‘) will do something AMAZING. (5)

The twisted torus (galactic concentrator) will take the power that comes from a black hole (that would be us because we are the black hole) and spins the energy into something that would look like the taijitu (the yin yang symbol) that would allow us to wield the tao of the ancients.

We would then be able to think about something and then send it out into the void all around us in the form of electrical energy. That energy would be sufficient to enable a form of wireless transmission which transforms the reality that we experience.

This is super critical work, which I will detail in the next post, Human CCC 3: Old Dude Strikes Again.

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One thought on “Human CCC 2: The Science Behind the Human CCC Tower

  1. The implications for humanity are amazing, whether we utilize them with technology or ourselves but I think it’s more interesting to see of our personal potential explored further. It seems a lot of it has to do with harmonizing with natural energies, such with the planet, and cycles, and what these have to do with sleep and meditation and changes in brainwave states, not necessarily ordinary moment to moment consciousness in ordinary life. That could change one day perhaps? Or maybe some people go through life that way, but not as many as could be.


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