Round Heaven, Square Earth: Part 2


(Continued from Round Heaven, Square Earth)

What comes first, the chicken or the egg?

I remember this question back in grade school.  My first knee jerk reaction was, “Are you stupid?  It’s gotta be the egg.  Everyone knows that chickens come from eggs–it’s not as if they give birth to live chickens.”

Of course, I’m reminded then, by those older and wiser, that the egg came out of a chicken, and then the question is posed to me once again, upon which point, I become silent and sullen, vowing to myself that one day, when I’m older and wiser, I’ll show them!  That’s right.  I’ll show them I’m not such an idiot!

Well, I’m much older, but alas…not any wiser.  Even after having thought about this question for many decades of my life, I still come back to the same conclusion: the egg came first.


Of course, I can’t just insist that this is my truth without at least giving a decent set of proofs that justify my insistence.  I am not going to be dogmatic about it, nor am I going to go purely by faith and stubborn obstinacy, desperately willing something into being without at least exploring why I feel this way.

The beginning is a great start to everything, so that’s a good place to start, but where would the beginning be located?  Lucky for me, someone else already dug through the mind numbing research and found the start of the gnarled skein of ancient wisdom.  Actually, this shows up in many books and scriptures around the world, but let’s go with the easiest one to find–John’s writings.  (For what it’s worth, I have no idea what John’s last name is.  I only know him as John, so that’s how I’m going to credit him as.) 

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. ~ John 1:1

Now, there is a physicist named Nassim Haramein, who said that the Bible mistranslated the word ‘God‘.  He pointed out that it should be YHWH, as translated from ancient Greek, into Hebrew script.  However, YHWH actually has another meaning.  

Yahweh, the God of the Israelites, his name being revealed to Moses as four Hebrew consonants (YHWH), called the Tetragrammaton. ~ Encyclopedia Britannica

Therefore, the verse above from John should have read:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Tetragrammaton, and the Word was Tetragrammaton. 

My Word!  Or should I say, My Tetragrammaton!  


This Tetragrammaton existed all by itself as a little dot.


The dot was just hanging out on its little lonesome.  It got bored and it got lonely, so it decided to encompass itself with a sphere to create some kind of volume around itself so that it could explore its surroundings.

Sun Symbol

And there you have it.  


Heaven is a circle.  

But if that was all that Tetragrammaton (I’m gonna call it Tetra for short) could do, it wouldn’t be that great of a God, now would it?  Notice, I use a capital ‘G’ to denote Tetra’s Godhood.  That’s quite magnanimous of me since even my favorite hot and sexy Ningishzida only ever gets a small ‘g’ whenever I denote him as a god.

On what is affectionately known as The First Day, Tetra, the Dot God, moved as far to the edge of the single sphere that it could reach, and then created another sphere.  


Now it has the space of two spheres to explore.  Woo Hoo!  This is what is known to us humans as the Vesica Piscis, aka Womb Wormhole…(Eeeek!  why does this name give me the creeps?)   

When Tetra got bored with exploring those two spheres, it went all the way to the edge of those two spheres and created another sphere, for a grand bang total of three spheres.  Unbeknownst to Tetra, the three-sphere shape is quite famous and known to us humans as the Solar Trinity.  This is where we get the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost from.  (I’m scared of ghosts, so let’s move on from here).

Tetra continued to do that four more times until, at the completion of day Six, it got a flower-looking shape with which to explore.  


And then it was written, that it got tired and rested on the seventh day.  However, nothing could be further from the truth!  On the Seventh day, something miraculous occurred, and Tetra was too busy exploring and creating to be resting.  

You see, with the seven spheres, connected in this manner, Tetra had all the necessary geometry to begin planting life!  That’s why the pattern on the sixth day is called the Seed of Life.  Tetra was too busy drilling down into the infinite depths of its fractals, planting its seeds everywhere, to check in and tell us not to worry.  After all, as a full-fledge GOD, why does Tetra need to rest?  That would denote that Tetra had used up all its energies on six measly days of work, and what kind of a weakling God is that?  

Now, from what I can see, Tetra’s world is infinitely small, but all this infinite smallness is contained within the first Circle that Tetra, the Dot God created.  The first sphere had a finite edge, and the other corresponding spheres were connected to it, creating a bubble of what is definitely finite, meaning you can’t get any bigger than Tetra’s original sphere grouping (called the Flower of Life, and I’ll get to that in a bit).  

Looking beyond Tetra’s sphere would mean you’d have to accept that Tetra is just one of many other Gods (all capital Gs), each with its own existential existences, interacting with each other at the subatomic level, and making up the particles that constitute the ever larger GGODDSS existences.  


OK, this is starting to blow my mind, so let’s stick with the one God that we know and love, Tetra.  

Drilling down from that point, however, is another story.  As fractals go, it is so infinite that we could build a HUGE Hadron Collider, one SO BIG that it can circle Saturn and we would never find the smallest particle, because whatever particle we find would still be just another fractal layer of Tetra, the Dot God.  This is also why, as tiny as we are, we have within us and around us, the complete pattern of Tetra.  That’s how fractals work–but that’s for another day.  

But I digress.  We haven’t gotten to that part of the story yet.  We just barely talked about Heaven, denoted as a circle (or sphere, however you choose to see it).  Now I have to talk about the square Earth.

(to be continued)

7 thoughts on “Round Heaven, Square Earth: Part 2

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  1. TaoBabe,

    I love your blog, and have written in reply to you before, but have received no reply. No matter, I can answer this question (I believe) satisfactorily, AND correlate the answer to the I Ching (Yijing) to boot.

    If life does anything, it “embraces change”, always has, always will.

    We humans often start with a conclusion (snap judgement ?-) and then try to prove or disprove the conclusion before examining other possibities.

    Such is the case with the ‘chicken and the egg’ quandary.

    The actual fact is that a long, long time ago the egg and the chicken began their evolution out of a single cell. We could take it back further than the cell, but not now
    (perhaps when we meet).

    Million of years ago a chicken was not a chicken, but was actually a single cell. This cell lived in water with other cells, some very different from each other.

    At that time cells multiplied by eating as much as they could, growing, and after reaching a certain size (”critical mass’, one of ny favorite Yijing hexes) it began budding off smaller pieces of itself, one at-a-time. After decreasing its size this way, both cells travellled away fro each other seeking more food to begin the process anew.

    Perhaps the smaller fragment found itself consumed frequently by the other hungry cells in the water and was lost in that way.

    One day, one of the buds that broke off contained some waste material that it tried to eject through its outer membrane, perhaps calcium or magnesium from its last meal. When that cell met a cell trying to eat it, it was just a little bit more indigestable than the other cells available for food, and itself was ejected as inedible by other cells trying to eat it.

    Not being eaten allowed it to survive. The ability to put calcium around itself for protection was passed on to more cells budding off of it, and all of them were more protected by their ability to accumulate minerals after budding, at least while they were young.

    As time went on, cells grew other types of protective coverings, eventually scales, even feathers. But all through this evolution, the abiliity to bud off also got more sophisticated through the “Changes of Evolution”.

    Little by little, the hard shelled egg and the feathered chicken arose mutually.

    So your answer is that neither one came first…what is known as chicken has always been able to make an egg. What is known now as a hard-shelled egg has always known how to make a chicken. It is our language that causes us to believe a chicken and an egg are two separate things, a duality, when actually they are one thing that changes through time.

    It is said that God created Time so everything cannot happen all at once….

    I hope this explanation meets with your satis faction :))



  2. Hi Allan,
    Thank you for your thoughtful response in regards to chicken or egg question. It’s a very interesting one, and I can see where you are coming from, with your reply. I do have a thought regarding your response.

    There is a huge difference between a single-cell living entity with a bit of calcium around its membrane, and a full-fledge chicken with beak and feathers. We are missing a lot of information here. I see huge blank gaps in between the endpoints, so I am not entirely convinced of the direct correlation, most especially since Darwin himself was not entirely convinced that evolution was the sole mechanism by which life sprang from next to nothing and was quoted as saying that one’s “imagination must fill up the very wide blanks.” ~ Darwin.

    There is a Russian scientist who did some work with genetic information in salamander eggs. It was detailed in a book by a group of German scientists. The book is called Vernetzte Intelligenz where it details the fact that the Russian scientist, Dr. Pjotr Garjajev, successfully transformed, frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns using light.

    That just blows my mind, to be honest.


  3. Hello taobabe,

    Thanks for such a speedy response, and the extra info on Darwin! I like Darwin’s quote that one’s “imagination must fill up the very wide blanks.”
    I too feel that ‘natural selection’ is not quite enough to explain what appears (to me anyway) to be an intelligent tendency of life to actually choose ingenious, clever steps of gradual change in the structure and capabilities of living things. Something just like a meandering, creative ‘current’ (tao?) that flows by choosing directions to grow before actually creating sometimes multiple branches of morphings to get there.
    It could be that the (imagined) daughter cell I described gained the capability to bud off smaller copies of itself slightly protected by calcareous material branched into multiple cell lines long before developing multiple strategies for protecting themselves. Possibly one line eventually developed a neo-furry covering, another developed something more akin to scales, and another simply thickened it’s membrane to eventually become more leathery.
    In addition, each line could have become multicellular to support such differentiation, all the while maintaining the ability to bud off what would eventually become more and more like an egg. I hear turtle and lizard eggs are kind-of leathery, while the platypus had both hair and young arriving in eggs!

    As I write this I’m gaining appreciation for how much energy you must expend doing the research supporting your blog!

    I like that DNA and the I Ching are both composed of very similar codes! As a hardware engineer I have frequently transferred digital bits using pulses of light to another location, resulting in the bits being received and store in a physical memory location, made of a substance as hard as silicon. Why couldn’t something as soft as DNA be affected by light in the same way?

    Very pleasant bumping into a beautiful woman whose mind is blown by such things!



  4. Hi Taobabe…

    Just re-read your post on ‘48,000 year old necklace’, which caught my eye since I design Yijing oriented wearables. The mineral you are looking for is ‘chlorite’… it’s green, has many forms, and a Reddit post references some electronic characteristics of it that are interesting to me.
    And guess what, it is found within slabs of mantle (on there way down or on there way up from deep within the Earth), so could appear just about anywhere, like in the sources mentioned in your blog entry.



  5. Hi Allan
    Thanks for your information. At the time I was researching this, the information had not yet surfaced about a lot of it, so it appears that this is the case, judging from the article that I found on it (which was not available at the time of my posting).

    Now…if only we can figure out how large the average Denisovan actually is…that would be interesting to know.


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