Taobabe’s Temple Pilgrimage

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This is not one of my serious posts, just a few pics of me, doing my pilgrimage through Vietnam.

The babe in me cringes, but I’m all about truths, and this is my truth.  These are not glamour shots, so please be kind.  I just thought my readers would like to see me in my traveling gear, during my visit to these ancient temples.

4 thoughts on “Taobabe’s Temple Pilgrimage

  1. What temple is this and what of? You look awesome by the way, you give a positive boost to pilgrimages


  2. Hahaha! Thanks for your kind words, but I know what awesome is, and this ain’t it. I dress for the weather when I’m traveling, and I don’t give a rat’s ass about looks when I’m clambering all over the jungles looking at ancient monuments and such.

    Two tunics in a tropical climate is to ward off the chill. It gets cold in the upper reaches of the mountains early in the morning.

    The bamboo pole is not for show. The rocks are very slippery on the craigy trails when it rains, and a slip will send you down into the cliff bottom below. And you have to walk up the trail to get to the main temples. They are ALWAYS up some friggin mountainside.

    The cone hat is to keep the rain off my face so I can see where I’m placing my next step. It was pouring the entire time I was there.


  3. Old friend, I concur that your poses are badass great. I also think your farewell to the blondie look agrees mightily with you in those temple photos – and, the badass look fits the spunkiness of your writings (sorry but this unruly mind still concerns itself with mudane things such as semiotic forms and hair color ;-). It’s been 3 years since our little exchange on WuWei and ĐĐK and the Vajra Sutra. Somehow I run into you again today when I was looking up the work of another vnmese lady expert in the Yi Jing (TranAnhTuyet, who also lives in the Bay Area)…


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