Man with Tall White Hat


I met an elderly gentleman last night.
He wears white clothes; tall white hat.
He looks like a Pope, but more than a Pope.
Everyone around him show respect.
Obviously, a high ranking individual.
I don’t know what his status is.
Or why he is here.
He does not scare me.
I peek into the room.
He seems benign and gentle.
He sees me from the doorway.
He wants to meet me.
He beckons.
I come into the room.
People bowing.  People attending.
I have breakfast with him!
I ask him his name.
He hesitates.
He tells me to call him Don Don.
We chat.  We laugh.
I spill something on his foot.
My usual clumsy self.
On the floor, I try to wipe the mess off his shoe.
He gets mad. Tells me to stop.
He says I am a high level being.
I laugh.
I wake up.

~ Tao Babe

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