The End of the Blonde Taobabe


Change is the only constant in this world, and as a woman, I am entitled to change my mind at will.  I got tired of the blonde hair.  After spending half my life being blonde, I find being a brunette to be a refreshing and happy state of mind.  This is the end of the Blonde Taobabe.  I’m just a normal Vietnamese American woman now.

It’s a good state of being.

Here I am at Chùa Hương (Perfume Pagoda) in Hà Nội (Northern River City).  It is a huge area filled with Buddhist temples and shrines that have been built into the limestone Hương Tích mountains.  Within the honeycomb mountains are the cavernous Hương Tích  caverns, some of which go very deep into the interior of the mountains.

To get to the temples, I have to take one of these row boats there.  And before you ask, NO.  I don’t know how to row.  There are people who do the rowing.  I just sit there, floating down the river and taking photos of the picturesque mountains along both sides.  It almost makes me feel as if I was in ancient Vietnam.



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  1. I lovwd visiting Chùa Hương (Perfume Pagoda) in Hà Nội. Something really special about that area. I bought some water colour paintings there 17 years ago and they hang on the walls of my martial arts and meditation school now. Enjoy your time there.


  2. It’s about time taobabe…not that it makes a difference, but I heartily approve of the sudden return to your ‘roots’ :))



  3. I enjoy reading all ur post! It’s great! I wait for the next and always excided to see or hear ur views and opinions, I look up to you and you inspire me, your everything good and so positive and I find it hard to believe Tht your real, almost to good to be true, your topics on what u write is very intriguing and how u carefully worded, word by word, is very articulate, which Tht you are, verY. I think your awesomE! I appreciate you and everything u share with me and the world, please don’t ever stop. Lots of wuv!


  4. Have you ever seen the movie Senior Trip? One character seeks and finds a blonde Asian woman, it’s likened to a treasure hunt. You’re a rare treasure yourself, blonde or not. Natural is always beautiful too.


  5. Yourinnerpotential, I bought a conical hat and a walking stick. I’ll post my walking stick picture up on another post. There is a lot of metal in those caves. I can feel the metal. I think it may be the reason that it feels so unique.


  6. Kalana
    Thank you! You are so sweet. I feel privileged to be able to reach out to you and will do my best to continue my writings. 🙂


  7. The old dude you wouldn’t believe me is me for everyone. It’s a wicked twisted sense of humor to put like certain defeat to ego and discernment to logical reasoning to nothing. Would love to show you more. 🙂 inspiration like the CCC. It’s like a wild goose chase going down the rabbit hole. My words will resonate with the truth. Don’t mean to brag, but one man/woman can change the world beyond the language we can speak to a different beyond our usual 5 senses. It’s mainly your inner world conflicting with the personal will. I love you TaoBabe!


  8. Regarding your response, “On all accounts, it is a returning of the roots.”, your content on this site and the responses of your readers are a constant nudge for all of us to periodically revisit and return to our roots. Especially in this modern, distracting world intentional forces are at work actively attempting to bury and hide those roots. The best aspect of this site IMHP is the Way you demonstrate the modern applicability and relevance of Taoism…hopefully we can help more firmly establish this place as a Well simply by frequently coming here and drawing more water. Nice to see you are taking a bit of a vacation 🙂


  9. Thank YOU taobabe…

    Sorry for overwhelming you a bit, but its actually for reasons a little bit selfish.
    Almost ALL Yijing sites out here document the use of the Yijing in ways that harken back to yesteryear. This site demonstrates how a modern Taoist can use it in a way that applies to problems facing one’s existence in the present age. As I flesh out the sitemap for Sudokodo I find myself constantly referring to what you have already written, and will be providing links to info on your site that is relevant to content I am covering…believe me, there is much overlap.

    There is a book, out of print, by Gary Zukav titled “Dancing Wu Li Masters” . It is about Taoism’s connection to the new physics. A Wu Li Master is a Taoist physicist…you may be one. As I design the analog and digital circuit projects, the operations will be related to manipulations ordinarily conducted using coins or yarrow stalks to access elements of a database, which in this case is the text within the I Ching, Supporting material will contain many links to your site, links to physic, electronics, archaeology sites we both have found, and some “fringe :)” UFO / alien contact/ detection sites, together with a project detecting Lynne McTaggert’s “the Field” (actually a capacitance measurement device to demo what a “field” is.

    So, if you are busy now, better figure out what you are going to do when you start getting 4 or 5 comments per post per day…this site is going to be brand new to a lot of curious people. Nice problem to have, eh 😕


  10. P.S.: I feel especially gratetful for the substantiation you provided about where the I Ching actually originated. At Artisan’s Asylum last week a met the E.D. of a Maker’s Space in Thailand. He’s an America-born Thai who worked in IT then moved to Thailand, was a Buddhist monk for 3 years then built a space in Thailand…very interesting success story. Here’s a link to his space:


  11. Hi Taobabe,

    I also picked up a small iron statue while there. It’s of a man riding a bull playing a flute. Don’t know how to upload a picture of it here but here’s a link to where I have posted it.

    Also one of the water colour pictures I picked up there can be seen here:

    Keep on being you Taobabe. Oh and I think your hair looks great anyway you want to wear it. 🙂


  12. Allan, it’s amazing to be recognized by another writer. I very much appreciate your input. Looking forward to your Sudokodo weblog that is to come. Let me know when it is up and ready for viewing. Thanks!!!


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