Organic Alchemistry 5: Flower of Life


(Continued from Organic Alchemistry 4:  Nephilim of Altai)

By now, you’re probably wondering whatever happened to my first two posts and why all these ancient skulls have come along and hijacked it.  Actually, it was the other way around.

I wanted to talk about human’s sequentially-changed evolutionary path, but to do that subject any justice, I had to talk about the 7 Day rule, and of course, with all that came biophotons, wave genetics, and all that jazz.   Since those had to be touched upon before any of this other stuff made sense, I felt I had to place it at the beginning of this series.

Looking back now, it should have been folded into the mid sections.

girlGlasses Yeah.  Mid sections.

Well, since this is, essentially the mid section, let me get back to that part of the discussion.  We were talking about the 7 day rule, whereby, on the seventh day of an egg’s fertilization process, if it fails to implant itself onto the uterus of a living female, it dies.

My question is:  Why?

Before I answer this question, let me preface it by saying that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is a pattern of waves, vibrating in a liquid medium of space, which was correctly identified as aether by the likes of Aristotle and Isaac Newton.

Now, everyone (who is anyone at all) knows that life’s pattern is a flower.  That’s why our Earth’s flag has the Flower of Life on it.  We are telling anyone who might chance to see it that we are of this particular pattern of carbon life.  The full and blossomed flower of life looks like this.


In my previous post, Round Heaven, Square Earth: Part 2, I went into detail about the seven days that it takes for our friendly neighborhood God, Tetragrammaton , to create the Egg of Life.

Actually, by the sixth day, the egg is completed, but Tetra wanted to add the seventh day, purely out of selfish reasons.  On the seventh day, Tetra rests –well, Tetra doesn’t really rest, but we’ll go with this because all the holy scriptures say so), because the process of creating life is basically done.


This here Seed of Life, contains the blue print of the entire cosmos.  You’d better believe it.  Our Universe has only one mission…make life anywhere it can, then nurture life until it becomes sentient.  That’s it.

But then, how does it know to turn into a turtle, or a redwood tree, or a troglodyte?

girl-talking-e1489186697709.pngWell, the seed of life, with its seven intertwined spheres, is just a seed–a capsule containing the blueprint for everything.  It is a possibility of life occurring, but it’s not really alive quite yet.

If, on its tumbling, twisting journey on the gusts of the cosmic winds, it does not land on favorable soil conditions (or if it’s not planted properly), the seed never germinates.

If, however, conditions are good, it will grow.  What it grows into depends on what its maternal genetic light waves shape it into.

The maternal light transfers DNA information from one living organism to another, and it is this that allows for the Seed of Life to know what to morph into.

Plant seeds carry the maternal light within their hard shells [1].  Birds and reptiles not only have the light within its shell, but the embryo also utilizes the light waves their mothers transfer to them at the time of brooding [2].

Mammals, like us, carry our young until the time of its birth, thereby allowing a constant stream of biophotons into the fetus until it is fully-formed and can live on its own.  The more biologically advanced the mother is, the more advanced the child is going to become (more on this later).


Okay.  I can now segue back into the ancient humans, now that I’m done with the 7-day fleur-de-la-vie.

[1]  Light-induced biophotonic emission from plant tissues

[2]  Biophotons

(To be Continued)


3 thoughts on “Organic Alchemistry 5: Flower of Life

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  1. There are a number of Taoist methodologies both past and present that emphasize this conceptually and symbolically, do you think they are intended towards this same kind of energy you describe? Not just khi/qi in some other senses, but something genetic and/or chronobiological? I mean in the way they use the flower in some instance or another, like in Flower of Life sort of way.

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  2. Stephen,
    Most great philosophies of the world are merely scientific knowledge that we have not yet mastered, or is poorly understood. As humanity rises out of the bog of mass confusion, what we thought were just religious concepts or spiritual concepts are actually high-level physics that we didn’t understand, or are just now barely starting to grasp.

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