Happier than God

This is a weblog about Taoism. I very rarely, if ever, review books of the non-Taoie tradition because I only have a finite amount of time and space, which I try to dedicate to the pursuit of things more Taoie.

Once in a blue moon, however, there comes along a book that, in no way, shape or form looks like a book that talks about Taoism, yet I feel compelled to add to my reading list. In fact, nowhere in the text of said book does the author even mention the words ‘Tao’, ‘Taoism’, or even ‘chi’. The only thing it had going for it at the moment that it caught my eye, as I was traipsing through the bookstore on my way out, was a strange title, “Happier than God”, written by a man named Neale Donald Walsch.

The first thing I, as a curious TaoBabe did, was to peek at the back of the book to see what the author looked like. For my reward, I got a quick peek at what looked like Santa Claus on a summer retreat, and I had that all-too-familiar funny feeling that I had known him some time in the long, long past. Of course, this could simply be that he looked like Santa Claus, because I have never met the man in my life.

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One thought on “Happier than God

  1. I miss you. nice new entry.

    My love life is driving me nuts. :(. forgot how to twitter u.


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