Human CCC 1: On the Confluence of Crows and Monkeys


If there is one thing you should never do, it would be to piss off a crow.  Damn bloody birds are some of the smartest animals alive on this planet (collectively-speaking that is) and I’m not exaggerating even a little bit.

Think back on the last time you were able to zero in on the face of a person you have never met, a person who killed the relative, of a relative, of a relative–and you knew exactly who he was without having ever met him.  You would then be able to pick his face out with deadly accuracy, from a crowd of millions of other people.  And then, with the collective might of hundreds of others of your kind–those who have also NEVER SEEN this person before–in justifiable rage, you were able to go at him, enforce.


According to a study done by biologists at the University of Washington, as published in November 2012 from the website of the National Wildlife Association, they most certainly are able to do this, and much, much more. [1] 

Of course, we, as humans wouldn’t be able to do such a thing.  You see, we’re (mostly) not tapped into that Collective Consciousness Connection that the crows seem to be able to do, as a matter of course.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying we don’t have a tether to this Consciousness.  I’m not even saying that our tether has been severed.  It is, in fact, within a region of our body that is very tough to reach without having to go through drastic measures.

I’m just saying that for most of us, the next Warriors game is a much more vital, must-not-miss event, as opposed to that vastly more ethereal and vague experience of connecting to the Collective Consciousness.  After all, real life is real.  That mumbo jumbo stuff is for the crows, right?

Well, yes it is.

As such, for the crows, the practice of what I like to call Collective Consciousness Connection (CCC) is hardly trivial and never vague.  (And before you give me a dirty look, I will confess that, no there is no such terminology out there, and yes, I just made up another phrase-noun.)  

In any case, the crows could give a rat’s ass about a Warriors game.  To them, the survival of their crow family is of the utmost importance, and when they find you, oh pitiable one; you, who have done grievous harm to their compatriot, they will collectively swarm you.

They don’t call ’em a murder of crows for nothing.

This animalistic Collective Consciousness is not solely owned by the crows, however.  In the 1950s, another scientific study of snow monkeys living in Japan showed the same practice of animalistic CCC. [2]

In this study, it showed a correlation between a tipping point, whereby there had to be a build up of enough monkeys that knew how to wash sweet potatoes in the water to get rid of sand, and suddenly, all the monkeys living on other islands could do it too, via this same CCC even though they had no contact with the group of monkeys that were being studied.  It was as if they had tapped into a monkey CCC and there were enough of those who knew the trick so that the knowledge was somehow promulgated into other groups of monkeys that had never seen it being done.

Of course, there were a few written pieces of debunk for this theory, but the debunking evidence they offer is scant, and hardly conclusive, whereas the snow monkey study, done within a period of over 30 years, was exhaustively documented.

popsicle girl

Personally, I do not believe that crows are the only animals that are able to tap into the CCC.  The study showed that monkeys were also able to tap into this CCC.  It also explains how bees and ants and shoaling/schooling fish behave as a collective single unit…indeed, all animals that make up pack groups behave in this fashion.  Heck, even my dogs do this.  I know because I observe them talking to each other without audible means.

I find this idea of a group of individual living beings, all working as a single unit, to be incredulous and, at the same time, obvious.  The duality of the nature of a collective singularity fits with elegance and finesse, in the same fashion that everything manifests itself to be both Yin and Yang.  The Tao is everywhere.  It’s the pattern of how the universe unfolds itself–a singular, finite being, composed of infinite fractal holograms of itself.


This CCC is also present in humans even though we all fight tooth and nail to look the other way and pretend it does not exist.  It exists even if we don’t know that it exists. It shows its tracks in situations where fifty-two different people invented the typewriter, all at roughly the same time.  The same situation occurred with the automobile, telephone, and telegraph  There were multiple inventors who came out at the same time with those inventions as well.

It’s as if we all get the information once it floods into our Collective Consciousness.  All we ever needed to do was to connect ourselves into the CCC and download the knowledge (I will do a more thorough treatment on the human CCC in a future posting).  What we do next with this knowledge is, of course, up to us, as individuals.

As an individual, every time I tap into the CCC, my brain struggles with the effort of holding onto the download and I start to forget the mundane things that make up this world because my mind is so full of information.

It’s crazy, and nobody believes me, but that’s what happens, and why I sometimes forget simple words for everyday objects and have to think about it for awhile to come up with the word.  I am a wordsmith.  I craft my works of art with words, so this is a major detrimental blow to my everyday creative existence.

But I don’t curse my new affliction. It is a trade-off, in that I am able to understand more complex ideas because of the downloads; and so I walk around thinking to myself, there has to be a reason why I’ve been pulling this stuff out of the atmosphere.  I’m supposed to do something with this, but for the life of me, I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.

The Old Dude in my dream keeps telling me just to hang loose, do the things I normally do, and don’t stress too much about what I’m suppose to be doing.  According to him, in being alive, I am doing something vital.


This has been hard for me to accept because I am a person who likes to actively create the changes within and around myself.  It’s frustrating to be told to simply live and enjoy my life, and not to worry about doing anything overt simply because I feel as if I should be doing something to increase the process of human enlightenment.

I have been told firmly that by doing nothing, I was doing something critical.

This has to do with the reality-creation process.  As a little godling, I am able to affect the world around me, but to change the world, there needs to be a consensus from other godlings, convinced about the truth for that specific change wavelength.  The thought processes must change from one set of entrenched pattern to another.

However, there are over seven-billion of us.  To change such a massive number of humans, there has to be enough of the godlings who have embraced the changes to feed their wavelengths into the CCC and broadcast their truths.  When there is enough of us, all doing the same thing, we reach a critical mass.   This critical mass is called the Tipping Point.

In physics, the Tipping Point is referred to the practice of adding a small amount of weight to a balanced object until the additional weight caused the object to suddenly and completely topple, or tip.  For this purpose, you can think of a Tipping Point as a point in time when enough of a group of a specific collective has amassed a certain adaptation, or behavior, or thought pattern, so that rapid and successive spurts, dramatically change the group’s identity and makeup.  This change can be metamorphic or behavioral, and it can also be physical or mental, but its main hallmark is always a widely adoption by the collective majority, of a previously rare practice.  [3]

To make a significant change and development in the collective human consciousness, the most effective method to reach the Tipping Point is to create a network of ‘towers’ that all broadcast the same wavelength into the CCC.  Those who are charged with being a ‘tower’ needn’t do much more than simply be alive to hold up the gridwork and transfer the pulses of energy that represent the new reality, so that it can spread far and wide.  Eventually, their very existences, pinging back and forth from this reality into the quantum CCC, become the catalyst by which the truth is promulgated.

Old Dude has told me several times within the last few years that my mission for the near future is to be a tower.

Stay put and hold up the grid, he says.

I’m like.



(Continue to Human CCC 2: The Science Behind the Human CCC Tower)

[1]  Crows Can Distinguish Face In a Crowd

[2]  The One-Hundredth-Monkey Effect

[3]  Tipping Point


14 thoughts on “Human CCC 1: On the Confluence of Crows and Monkeys

Add yours

  1. I love crows. They don’t come into my backyard much because I have dogs, but I leave birdseeds out for any that dare enter when my dogs are inside. I get lots of blue birds and black birds with bright yellow/orange breasts. I also get lots of humming birds.


  2. I have a friend that feeds crows peanuts. They started following him all around Portland. One day, they surrounded him in a circle. As he stood there, one big crow moved forward out of the circle. Their champion, it seemed. He did a little dance, and looked directly at my friend. My friend gave him the peanut. All the crows burst into a cacophony – their champion had succeeded. I don’t know what really happened that day, but it always stuck out in my mind. Pretty badass. Anyways, great post, I love your blog. I’m holding up the grid too 😉 Cheers!


  3. taobabe,

    Don’t know how you are doing this other than we must be in that band of 100 monkeys.
    Your link for ‘tipping point contains a link for the more technical engineering term ‘hysteresis’ which I’ve heard simplified to mean ‘snap action’.
    Some analog things actually have only two stable states even though they are able to accept smoothly changing input.
    When a signal reaches the ‘tipping point’, the system suddenly flips to a different stable state. It’s worthwhile for all of us to understand this phenomenon and to be able to identify it if only because of how suddenly, destructively and irrevocably the flip can occur.

    Global warming is a gradually changing input. Some experts believe that when the threshold is reached, the Earth will suddenly tip into a ‘thermal runaway’ condition which will suddenly elevate global temperature to approach 200 degrees F.

    Is human activity causing this? Are forces external to the Earth causing this (e.g.: the newly discovered but unseen ninth planet you are preparing to describe to us :)?

    Who knows.
    If we ourselves are NOT causing this, we are wasting time bickering about greenhouse gas elevation that could be just a symptom of what’s really causing the problem (precession, the ninth planet”s wildly eccentric orbit etc.).

    A Klingon once observed: ‘only fools continue fighting in a burning house’.

    If your verdict is that the cause is external to the Earth, we better focus on actively finding a way to help Mother Nature keep it’s cool or end up cooked like New England lobsters…slowly simmered, not even knowing what hit us 😦



  4. Hi TaoBabe, how are you? Humans are also CCC, anyone I come in contact will have their wave length changed and thought process changed. But the process is a funny business, it’s like being one with them and then having my own narration… people trying to use my fear or… the fear that I had with that certain subtle emotions, my logical mind tries to find a solution breaking through the emotion to a temporary solution… Well, that was a problem I had for a few years. I felt like I lost my own identity, in which I did. The medical term is called Depersonalization disorder. At this point, I realized the body plays an important role in channeling energy. I’m not too familiar with TAO, but I am studying self-inquiry which leads to the same thing. Consciousness. Maybe you can be my watch tower to help me discover new frequencies. Thanks. Oh and a lot of music out there is running off my emotions. So I think I contributed a lot, not sure how I can explain the situation, its kind of bizarre.


  5. Triet,

    I will be a tower and keep the CCC grid up and running. Don’t you worry. You just keep feeding the positive energy into the CCC grid and help humanity move forward into enlightenment.

    The reality of self-awareness and what you call ‘Consciousness’ is that no one paradigm or one truth or one set of explanations is enough to cover the vastness of the human condition and the cosmic truths. We have to embrace it all, and use everything we can get our hands on. Taoism is but one tool to look through to see more clearly. You can also use other methods, such as Hermeticism, Tibetan Buddhism, or Rosicrucianism, and in doing so, you will get to see more of the truths, but at different angles, and degrees of magnification.

    Best of luck on your journey, and stay in touch.



  6. Allan

    I have loved Star Trek ever since I was 12. My sisters always thought there was something wrong with me, liking such strange things. But it just all seemed so familiar, the Star Trek lifestyle. I always felt at home and comfortable with all the high tech equipment and computers that the Enterprise and the people who lived on there used.

    As for the subject of Earth Changes: I have a feeling that whether we do something or don’t do something, Earth will continue to change because she is meant to change. Nothing is immutable. Nothing lasts forever. Not even the Earth and sky.


  7. taobabe,
    I’m inclined to totally agree with your synopsis on Change…all experience that has come my way supports the reality that Change is the only constant of this universe.

    I read somewhere that ‘the Mind’ ‘is a place, and can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell’, which to me implies the creative power we all have to affect this place of Change we all inhabit. The Jesuits (better known as the Special Forces of the Catholic Church) say that Satan’s best trick has been convincing us he doesn’t exist.
    In a highschool in Waltham MA which I chose to attend for four years, taught by the Christiian Brothers (really big presence in Vietnam I hear) I was introduced to a ‘Religions of the World’ class for a wonderful year. Once we landed on Taoism and Buddhism my worldview pretty much underwent a complete Change, especially regarding the position the Catholic Church enjoyed in my life. Over the years, pretty much everything learned in the Church has has been re-tempered with Taoism, even the idea of the existence of a ‘Hell’.
    If we can visualize something, we can create it. So one should be very careful what one visualizes, so powerful is the spirit’s ability to create.
    Dante’s Hell is particularly terrible, with it’s ‘Abandon all hope, ye who enter here’. I have met many people on this planet whose consciousness is actively visualizing and creating that hell, and it takes tremendous effort to focus creative intention strong enough to resist their influence, people such as you ease the task.

    With all the info we’re getting about multiverses, billions of black holes spawning even more universes having an infinity of conditions, is their room for each one of us to have our own private one, tailor made for us individually?

    Is that why in the midst of all the stars we see, energizing even more planets, there is not a single one announcing it’s presence to us in a stable, reliably observable way?

    Or have we been put here as punishment for evil deeds we cannot even remember, doomed to abandon all hope now that we are here, by all the other universes who have no choice but to isolate us because of how dangerous we are to them, a prison colony actively creating and sustaining it’s own hell?

    There is one imbalance woven into the fabric of this universe I have noticed. The taijitu of Pleasure/Pain. It is so lopsided. We all have the ability to experience a moderate amout of pleasure, and once in awhile for a few minutes it can reach incredible peaks, all unsustainable.
    Pain on the other hand, can be sustained for many years at a gradually increasing level, apparently never reaching a maximum.

    We are all here to learn how to be good for goodness’ sake, not because there is really a significant reward in it. As a matter of fact, in this universe, ‘No good deed goes unpunished.’

    Yet here we find taobabe.

    Again, thanks for shining your light taobabe.


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