The Temple Bridge Taoist God

(Continued from Taoist Shrine in Ancient Hội An) The first time I visited this temple in  Hội An, I had no idea it was one that venerated a Taoist god. You must forgive me. All temples look the same from the outside. The architecture might have been one type of construction but then, over the years,... Continue Reading →

Perfectly Centered

I was sitting on my favorite chair outside in my backyard the other day, minding my own business, enjoying the winter sunshine when something happened which caused me to rethink a very boring subject--geometry. Since it's almost spring here, and I live in a very mild Mediterranean climate, the flowers were starting to bloom and... Continue Reading →

The Great Flood of 9,700 BC

Every culture around the world has a Great Deluge or Great Flood tale. For the Europeans, it was Noah's Flood and for the Hindus, it was the manvantara-sandhya. The Mesopotamians have their own flood stories that are very similar to the Native Americans in North America's recounting of a Great Flood. There is also the... Continue Reading →

Firewood, Rice, Oil, Salt, Soy Sauce, Tea

The Seven Necessities In ancient Viet culture, there is a very famous old saying: Quan môn thất kiện sự, sài, mễ, du, diêm, tương, thố, trà” When translated, it means, "The seven necessities to begin a day: firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea." It was very underwhelming to be honest. What in... Continue Reading →

My First Step onto the Taoist Path

To be honest, I never thought that anyone would be interested in how I got started on the Taoist path.  It never seemed to be that interesting a process to me, but since I have had several queries by separate individuals asking about my own personal journey, please allow me to share my story with you, my precious... Continue Reading →

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