The Great Flood of 9,700 BC

Every culture around the world has a Great Deluge or Great Flood tale. For the Europeans, it was Noah's Flood and for the Hindus, it was the manvantara-sandhya. The Mesopotamians have their own flood stories that are very similar to the Native Americans in North America's recounting of a Great Flood. There is also the … Continue reading The Great Flood of 9,700 BC

Ten Conditions for Beauty in Ancient Vietnam 1

We all know what constitutes Beauty in our present-day world. The artificially constructed image created by the trillion-dollar beauty industry informs us in no uncertain terms, what is necessary to have in order to be considered Beautiful. The images show up everywhere we look to influence our lifestyle and to sell us things that we … Continue reading Ten Conditions for Beauty in Ancient Vietnam 1

Karma Is so Passé

Karma---the heart and soul of the idea of cause-and-effect in action---is also one of Taoism's most basic tenets.  There is no arguing its validity.  Its footprint is seen in all aspects of physics and chemistry and mathematics.  Newton's third law eloquently states that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction".  Of course, he is talking … Continue reading Karma Is so Passé