Fortune Favors the Babe


Wealth and abundance is at the core of a Taobabe mindset.  One cannot be a self-proclaimed confident, sexy, and powerful Taobabe when one’s overriding gut feeling is that of destitution and starvation.  Of course, my well-fed, plump and healthy body will easily dispel the myth that I am starving and destituted, despite my brain’s best efforts to convince me of this ‘fact’.  Still, I manage to make great inroads in convincing myself of my destitute status sometimes, and it is at these times that I must guard against that poverty-ridden mindset, and remind myself that I am reveling and luxuriating in abundance.

Truth is, we are all kings and queens living in an abundant paradise, geared towards providing us with every possible thing we need to not just live but thrive and prosper.  The Mother Universe provides and nurtures us, with plenty to spare, and all we need to do is climb and pluck the fruit from the trees of plenty.  The resources available, if spread out to every single person on this planet, would be more than adequate for everyone to live quite well.  So why is it that we often feel as if we are in need?

The answer is simple…

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