Black Sorcery and the Maiden Bùa Thiên Linh Cái


Pssst.  Come closer.  I have something to tell you.  It is scary, but it needs to be told so we can shed light on this.  You ready?

One of the most powerful, most evil black magic known to man is called the Bùa Thiên Linh Cái.  Forget using plants and animals, or even dead fetuses.  It uses living people, but once they have been used, they are dead.

They are dead because their heads have been severed.


Want to know more?  If not, you can stop reading right here.  If, however, you are even slightly curious…read on.


Thiên Linh Cái is similar to the Fetal Bùa Quỷ Linh Nhi in that it is also a kind of black magic talisman that uses real humans as the active agent to attract wealth and power, guard monetary possessions, and even harm competitors.  The huge difference is the degree to which this power can extend itself.  Simply put, the more evil that is required to master the dark craft, the more power it is capable of wielding.

There are many levels of training for the black magic of Thiên Linh (Celestial Spirit), each with different effects and each with different degrees of strength.  The higher you go, the greater the effect you can command, but the higher the power capability, the more barbaric and wicked the methods of execution will be to invoke the spell.  

In order to wield this type of magic, the talisman that must be created requires a host, and that host is always the detached head of a virgin girl between the age of 13 and 15.

If you think I’m just talking crazy nonsense about something that I made up from my wild and over-active imagination, I will respectfully laugh into my sleeve.  If you only knew…

Truth is, the practice of this type of black magic has a very long history.


Far in the distant past, when people lived in tribes scattered around and between the areas of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River (the Dương Tử river), this method of madness had already been widely practiced.  Little is known of the methodology back then, but once the feudal society appeared (roughly around 1122 BC to 256 BC), not only was this type of black magic practiced on a regular basis, it also began to spread and flourish, propagating through various secret schools and sects.

The various different types of Thiên Linh necromancy schools and sects extend from the lowest levels of basic black necromancy to the highest levels of powerful dark magic, and all of this belonged in the hands of the aristocratic families and the wealthy landlords.


Dragon’s Hoard Thiên Linh Cái

Three thousand years ago, every wealthy family or royal lineage had their own resident necromancer.  They were part of the household, like cooks and gardeners, and their one job was to prevent the theft and robbery of their extensive property holdings.  Smaller family dynasties only needed small-scale necromancy, but the royal class needed power that was strong enough and reached far enough to cover entire regions. 

Let me be perfectly clear.  When I say family group, I mean an entire lineage, which could be anywhere between a handful of families to an entire town filled with the various groupings of a single family dynasty. 

Most royal castles and family groups had solid bunkers built into the sprawling compounds where they lived, and here was where they buried their treasures.  These basements or vaults are solidly and secretly built, but this was feudal times.  Solid secret vaults were hardly enough to ensure that their contents would not be taken, so to increase the security of these buried structures, they turned to black magic. 


These landlords and warlords and aristocrats bought virgin female slaves between the age of 13 and 15 and took them to the compounds or palaces. These children would then be given fruit to eat for a week.  They were then dressed in fancy royal garments and carried on a litter to the basement hatch.  Ginseng would then be stuffed in their mouths (most likely to stifle their screams) and they would be blindfolded. 

Then, depending on what was required of them, the girls would then either be sealed up inside the basement or buried alive immediately outside the basement.  Those buried outside would be in charge of protecting the area immediately outside of the vault.  Those inside would make sure anyone who managed to enter would not be able to leave. 

necroImmediately after the live burials, the necromancer(s) would start the process of creating the Thiên Linh Cái. 

They would continue with the magical procedure until the girls had died, upon which time, they would move onto the second part of this procedure.  

To be clear, this is not a clean and easy death for the girls, and it was done on purpose.  This method causes them to be overwhelmed with anguish due to their terrifying and unjust treatment.

Their pain and horror creates resentment and rage, the depths of which gouge deep grooves of evil reverberations onto the fabric of time-space and lasts long after their deaths.  They had, in effect, been purposely turned into what we would consider poltergeists.

Thereafter, anyone who entered the area would be tortured to death or driven insane.  Only the necromancer(s) and the owner of the secret vault would have been able to safely enter.  Disturbingly enough, this was a common practice in the feudal society of that time.

At first, Thiên Linh Cái was only used as a defense mechanism, to keep wealth from being plundered, and to watch over the house.  Over time, however, it metamorphosed and developed into a multitude of cruel and horrible forms to satisfy the depths of human depravity.

Because the necromancers knew that the stronger the rage of these virgins they could foster, the more powerful the Thiên Linh Cái would be, they began to devise all manners of torture to bring the girls’ rage to the height of fear and suffering, and it is these various forms of torture that distinguishes one necromancy sect from another.

Dragon Killer Thiên Linh Cái


Thiên Linh Cái at this level is more barbaric than previous levels in the intensity at which the rage and horror has been unleashed on the victims.  This type of necromancy is something only kings and members of the aristocracy would be guilty of perpetrating because it is known as the Dragon Killer.

The purpose of the Dragon Killer Thiên Linh Cái is to pin down a large area of land whereby the magic of the Thiên Linh Cái can be effective.  Kings command large swaths of land.  To pin down such a large distance, not only does it require extremely strong magic, the necromancer must also be supremely skilled in the practice of this dark art.

If the Thiên Linh Cái is not adequately strong to take over that region which has been pinned down, the backlash to the necromancer will be severe.  At this level the necromancer has to prepare extensively in advance to ensure success.  , much of his  choose the Sacrifice and the time must be perfect. In order to increase the spell of wormwood and extend its duration.

9powerThe Dragon Killer Thiên Linh Cái starts off in the same manner as the run-of-the-mill Thiên Linh Cái. 

The Thiên Linh Cái talisman must be the sacrifice of a young virgin female between 13 and 15, but the Sacrifice at this level must be girls born on the ninth month of the 15th day of any of the three years between 13 and 15 years of age (the ninth month would be August in the Gregorian calendar).

To the necromancer, a girl born in that month, at the time of the full moon (the 15th) will receive very high electromagnetic energy waves emanating from the alignment of the sun, moon, and the earth—10,000 times more so than that of a girl born at any other time.

He also must choose the time of the sacrifice at 9 o’clock (am), on the ninth month (which is our Gregorian month of August) on the 9th day, in any year with the number 9.  This is because to the ancient Vietnamese, the number nine is the number of eternity, longevity, fullness, and it also means the opportunity has come.  Wizards are, among other things, huge believers in numerology, and to them, this is a power number which will increase the intensity and effectiveness of the spell.

So you see, my friends…this is not a spur-of-the-moment event.  It had to be planned and executed with the intensity that would be required of someone trying to obtain a doctorate in the study of Evil Necromancy.

sorryThis sort of planning could take up to 15 years to execute, and it had to succeed because the failure of this attempt would be death to the practitioner.

This type of wizardry separates the merely professional rank necromancers, to the truly exalted evil doers.  These are your resident Phd wizards!

Mid August (August 15) would be the time for them to scour the country, looking for girl babies who had just been born.

Those girls would then be tagged and monitored until they reached the age at which this could be carried out.  Once the time is right, they abduct the child, and take her to the place where the ritual will be carried out.

At the site of the sacrifice, the sorcerer will perform the ritual by dancing around the girl, all the while mumbling the power chants.  Then they will beat, swear, curse, insult and rape that child, and the primary reason has little to do with them being sadistic sexual deviants.  All necromancers are celibate and are not allowed to have relationships with partners of any gender due to their practice.  In fact, because the necromancers themselves have to maintain mental control at all time so that the spells will not be broken, the person(s) doing the abuse would be the necromancers’ understudies or adherents.

The reason why they torture these girls is because they need to make these girls feel as much pain, resentment, anguish as possible.  Remember, our minds are very powerful.  Just thinking about something causes brain waves to be fired up that are strong enough to be detected outside the brain case.  Some people can even move physical objects just by thinking about them and willing them to move.

Imagine the energy that it takes for this to occur.  Now, imagine how much anguish it would take to cause a poltergeist to move an object.  It would require huge amounts of very strong negative waves which must be generated by an intense emotion like anguish or rage.  All this emotion would then be present during the torturing time period, and will be pushed into the head region.

At the moment when the necromancer feels that the energies have been sufficiently built up, he will lock all this energy into the child’s head and will then detach her head from her body.  This head is now considered the Thiên Linh Cái talisman.  He will then bury that talisman in predetermined key vein areas for the purpose of weakening the enemy’s stronghold.

What are key vein areas?


Key Vein Areas

The ancient Viets believe that the land is a physical manifestation of real dragons.  There would then be key veins where the dragons’ main arteries and veins flow which keep them alive and well.

Necromancers, under the command of their king who wishes to control the land, would place the skulls of these chosen sacrificial girls in specific spots within the lands to weaken the dragons by introducing powerful negative energies into the very soil of the land.  This then causes the energy and air of that land to weaken.  This weakening also affects the general populace since they take sustenance from the soil in the form of food and water.  It even affects the air they breathe.

Stone Dragon of Nền điện Kính Thiên

History documents these events with a particularly powerful necromancer by the name of Cao Biền (高骈)  a general who lived between 821 and 887 AD.  Using this Dragon Killer method, Cao Biền pinned down Thần Long Đỗ (the name of the dragon who resides within Nùng mountain) at nine different arterial points during his lifetime.

As an aside, Nùng Mountain is no longer on the map.  It’s name has been changed to Hà Nội, which means Internal River.  Westerners would recognize it spelled as Hanoi today.  Two of the nine points that had been pinned by Cao Biền has been identified as Bạch Mã temple and Tô Lịch river, but those places will have to wait for another day of posting as I am winding this long post down.

My closing thoughts on this horrific practice:  To those of you, past, present, and future, who practiced this insanely brutal magic, know that YOU will have to deal with the karmic retribution of harming, not just the targeted enemy, but also the victims you have sacrificed.

Enjoy your time in your very own designated hell.


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