Dead Fish


This has nothing to do with Taoism.  This is just a picture of millions of dead fish off the coast of Vietnam.

On second thought, this does have to do with Taoism.  This is the karmic reaction of certain excessive action, done by those who are unaware that they create their own realities by the things that they do.

It’s kind of like very young children who poop and pee in their environment, and then smear the excrement on themselves and everywhere else they crawl about in because they don’t know any better.  We Earthlings need to grow up a bit more.  Learn how to poop and pee in the appropriate places.  Learn how to clean up after ourselves.  Learn how to be a bit more self-sufficient instead of plundering Mother Earth for everything we need.

Sadly, we’re not there yet.  We’re still sucking off the teats of Old Mother Earth instead of pulling the energies out of the Source (and we have the technology to do this, we just need to do it on a global scale).  It certainly feels to me as if we’re not ready to go out there and play with the adults yet.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we have that much time left to grow up.  It’s totally unfair because we got so short-changed, and most of it was not our fault.  I mean–how is twelve-thousand years considered enough time for us to evolve into beings that are supposed to be equal with those who have had far, far longer evolutionary time to develop into Cosmospolitans (yes, I created a new word…so sue me).  And yet, that’s what we’ve been charged with.

To make matters worse, our collective memories have been wiped clean.  We don’t have a clue what to do and how to do it.  Most of us don’t  even have a clue who the fuck we are!  Add to that, the fact that we are besieged by those who would take advantage of our lack of basic knowledge about ourselves for their personal benefit and the benefit of their species, it’s completely overwhelming.

Someone out there in the Universe, if you can see this.  Please help!

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  1. Dear fellow ‘cosmos~politan’,

    Have you noticed that little by little our population is losing interest, and therefore understanding in, how things work? Those fish are piled up due to the downstream effect of someone’s misunderstanding about how things work.
    It’s as if many do not comprehend how causes produce effects,

    I think that ‘common sense’ is simply the ability to accurately see chains of causes and effects.

    When a person does not have ‘common sense’ s/he become clueless.
    A clueless person cannot solve problems…as a matter of fact, the absence of critical thinking ends up compounding rather than resolving problems for all the people in such a person’s area.
    Our present educational system, which is for the most part devoid of ‘hands on’ apprentice style training is (I believe) causing ‘the Shallows’ (to use a term from a popular book of the same name).
    When you ‘take something into your hands, you take it into your heart’..and into your mind.
    And I totally agree we must act quickly.

    It could be we cannot see life elsewhere among the stars because once a civilization gets to our level of advancement, it simply goes quickly extinct if it can’t adequately increase problem solving skill.



  2. It was precisely this sort of horror that drove me to become an environmental activist volunteer. And when my volunteering started to get in the way of my full time job, I asked the I-Ching if I should leave a comfortable, steady job for the uncertainties of the world of ecological activism. The answer was 18: Work on what has been spoiled. Couldn’t have been clearer.


  3. Hello dear fellow Cosmospolitan

    Ever since I was a kid, I had always wondered why, even though I was so curious about everything, no one else around me ever thought ANYTHING was interesting. To me, it was crazy amazing to see the band of stars across the sky called the Milky Way, and wonder what it was made of, or the glow inside a bug’s butt and marveled at how it could possibly light up the night. Were the bugs and the stars made of the same stuff? LOL.

    Now that I’m older, I realize the answer is, of course they are. Fireflies are made of ancient stardust, and when they die, they, along with everything, eventually recycles to be reborn into a new star. In essence, everything is made of starstuff. I quickly learned not to share too much of these thoughts with my sisters or my acquaintances because I would, invariably, be branded ‘crazy’, and/or somewhat lacking in general intelligence.

    It makes for a lonely childhood.

    In regards to the level of civilization we are at, I remember reading about the stage of our evolution, represented as the level within the flower of life that is not very stable. The geometry of the Vitruvian Man clearly shows this.

    At this stage, since the geometry is not stable, neither are we. To stabilize the Vitruvian Man, we would have to stretch certain areas of his anatomy to accommodate the differences. It would have to fit into this type of construction, which is VERY stable.

    It would look funny. We’d look like an alien from space. Maybe they once looked like us, but evolved away from the obsolete Vitruvian look.

    Just a thought.


  4. Hi Brianfit

    I heartily endorse your choice in life. It couldn’t have been easy, but doing the right thing is always the only choice that makes any rational sense. Thank you for all the hard work you have done, and are continuing to do for the sake of the human species. We owe you lots of karmic debt.


  5. Hi Taobabe,

    Ditto for the lonely childhood.

    After letting the essence of your post incubate for a day, I awoke this morning with the title “Without Conscience” ear-wormed all the way into my visual cortex…where did I misplace that book!? Written about psychopaths and their lack of empathy, overnight a question formed ready for today: is psychopathy inherited? Seems it is:

    That kind of “don’t care” goes way beyond potty training, and supposedly more than 6% of the planet has an antisocial mindset. Ever notice how often anti-socials make their way into management?

    I have also learned to keep un-bridlled enthusiasm to myself for many the reasons you stated. Heck, the Yijing has a whole hex devoted to the concept!:

    It’s great to know there’s another kindred spirit out there (you!) willing to be ‘the nail that sticks up’ is the only real choice we can make.



  6. Allan

    If you are talking about the psycho gene, aka the low-expression variant gene of MAOA, known as MAOA-L, which has been linked in various studies with increased risk of violent and aggressive behaviour, then might I also point out that we have, within us, certain alien genes which do not belong to the human species of this planet?

    Since I am not a geneticist, I cannot say that the psycho gene is or isn’t an alien artifact, embedded within our genetic codes, but it does explain a few things. Could certain of these alien genes be specific, not just to the psychopathy but also to the alien species which gifted them to humanity in the early days? Maybe some of us got a huge dosage of it while others barely have any at all.

    Since you did notice that most of the non-empaths are of the elite ruling class, might I bring forth a suggestion that maybe…just maybe…they are of the same genetic stock of people who are less empathetic because they have been hardwired thus, and have much more of these alien genes?

    Just a thought…I could be totally off my rocker and loony as a bat, but I can’t help how my brain connects far-flung dots. They draw some funny images sometimes.


  7. Taobabe,

    You are off your rocker and bat-$h@t crazy in the best possible way. Once we start discussing alien intervention in the evolution of the human race in public, timid souls would advise more “Brightness Hidden”…yet you continue to shine a beacon in the areas where angels fear to tread :))
    Tomorrow I start introducing an “Electronics Design for Jewelry and Other Wearables” class at Artisan’s Asylum. It uses the Yijing’s binary hexes and Sanxingdui artifact as examples to meld simple analog, digital design projects into divinitory jewelry to showcase how forecasting has evolved over the millenia. This blog has been inspiring in maintaining the “head of STEAM” required to push me through to completion…thanks for your all your enthusiasm and energy keeping this blog availabel to us all Taobabe!!!


    P.S.: a link to Artisan’s in case you are interested:


  8. I do understand Hexagram 36, and I thank you for that gentle guidance. I, who rarely ever take cover under darkness, should do well to take heed. These are hard times, indeed, and we all need to ‘live to fight another day’. Still, where is the joie de vivre if we can’t stir the pot once in awhile, dance a jig in the middle of the funeral parlor, take a dump in the flower garden of life, eh?

    I will check out the page you sent me. Thank you!


  9. Taobabe,
    When I was a little boy, I was in awe-filled envy of Zorro, serialized weekly on our b/w tv.
    There were other superheros (eg. Superman) that didn’t affect me the way Zorro did…so much so I becane Zorro on Hallowe’en. I remember the excitement I felt when my costume made me invisible, hidden in the shadow of a streetlight.
    Maybe Zorro is before your time…during the day Zorro was Don Diego de la Vega, becoming Zorro only at night.
    There are ways to hide our light, take care of business, and lived to fight another day.
    You can have your cake and eat it too!

    About taking a dump in the flower garden of life…with my luck I’d end up squatting in a cactus patch :))



  10. Hello Cosmo,

    The image of all the dead fish atop this blog entry needed a couple of days to sink in, and the the synchronicity of running across this news item:

    As an IT professional and one interested in the I Ching for many years, I tend to credit the Yijing for spawning the technology which has kept me employed for all these years. Up til now, it’s been pretty common knowledge that the Yijing’s binary system fuels all the software that models and forecasts the weather with increasing accuracy. But weather forecasting is still error prone…I’ve been looking around for proof that the I Ching has embraced change itself by evolving into our modern technology for forecasting, vut weather prediction didn’t seem to be a good enough example.

    ‘Swarm Intelligence’, which I just found out about a couple of days ago, is both amazing and scary. Predicting three winners of the Kentucky Derby while other experts or digital algorithms could not seems to be evidence that I Ching technology has finally reached singularity status.
    Applied to all the data available about us through our online activity and mobile device use, I can only hope it is used for constructive purposes…I have no desire to end up as one of those dead fish in your well chosen photo.



  11. Taobabe,
    Thanks for taking the time to send me those two links (psycho gene and alien dna).
    Quite a sneaky trick, chimeric alien rna installed once and forever afterwards leaving all the dirty work of duplicating alien codes to us … using us for the ultimate cuckoo’s nest… makes my skin crawl 😦


  12. There’s a lot in this world which is so crazy, when we lift up the veil, but nobody ever seems to be that interested. I’d be like: “Hey you guys, take a lookie here!” And I’d be lifting up some old dusty shroud covering something bumpy looking, showing inner mechanisms whirring away and doing something, we know not what—and nobody would be interested at all. A few who glance my way just gives me a look as if I was nuts.

    In any case, regarding weather: I had heard about HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), and I always thought it was this that caused some of the strange weather patterns we have. Then, on second thought, I figured it might be there to mitigate some of the strange weather pattern that’s appearing due to natural or ‘other’ reasons’, you know, like easing the strength of natural destructive storms, or sending rain where it needs it the most, that kind of a thing. Not sure though, so I don’t say anything.


  13. I’ve heard of HAARP. At first it sounded a little far-fetched, but I do believe the “butterfly effect” could be used quite effectively as a military weapon. Closely related to weather is the course that rivers take…I remember reading about a Chinese general who changed the course of a river to deprive his contained enemies of water.
    Archaeoligists are now examining the possibility that the sudden disappearance of Sanxingdui and it’s culture was caused by an earthquake that diverted a river, forcing a migration to nearby Jinsha to regain a source of water. I wonder if there is a relationship between this event and the hex for “the Well”? Sanxingdui had a turtle oracle that used the upper shell instead of the carapace to create the network of cracks used in divination, along with a few other “OOP” artifacts that imply some type of contact with an advanced culture… maybe extraterrestrial?



    This link has an image of the upper turtle shell (carapace) drilled for crackmaking, as opposed to the ordinarily found plastron treatment. This example was found in Jinsha, very close to Sanxingdui, where the Sanxingdu it is believed migrated after the hypothetical earthquake changed the rivers course. From what I understand, Sanxingdui cultural artifacts are devoid of writing, unusual considering their advanced art. Maybe writing was done on a more perishable medium?


  15. Just finished reading the details about how the Mekong Delta is being choked off…what a terrible state of affairs. I am no stranger to the stunning ability some Chinese have to take advantage of the helplessness of others.
    Sometimes karma is not so instant… only the Earth Mother knows what she has planned for the arrogance demonstrated by the Three Gorges project. We in America are living in a glass house…I’d best not throw stones while we have so much to do right here…nice to have you here helping 🙂



  16. Interesting. Of course, HAARP has been around for awhile, and that’s what they normally do to old/obsolete equipment. I wonder what’s the latest/greatest stuff out there which can handle weather assistance/interruption.


  17. Taobabe,
    Throughout history, for some weird reason, the prophets, soothsayers and whistleblowers have suffered much more than their fair share of punishment for what they do. The people who benefit most from their actions categorically have shown the least courage and loyalty towards assuring they can continue doing what they do best. If being a Taoist involves embracing the ‘middle path’, we have not earned the name through most of our actions.
    I may be jumping the gun here, but the content on this blog is gradually putting you into the echelon of the Snowdens in this world. I suggest all the readers of this blog to visit the Wiki entry for HAARP, if only to get an inkling that you are not just blowing hot air through your pitchpipe (bion, an I Ching reference!):::

    After reading this entry I was left with the impression that the project shows the earmarks of work started by Tesla.
    Arthur C. Clark stated that ‘any technology, sufficiently advanced, as magic’.
    Over the last two winters we have witnessed very strange weather phenomena across the US originating in the Arctic…’nuff said.


  18. Allan

    The middle path “is broad and plain, but people like the side paths”. If being on the broad and plain road means keeping a blind eye and not seeking out truths, then it makes sense that I continually find myself in the weeds, wondering what it is that I’m hearing and seeing through the thickets.

    From what I have gathered, Snowden is not one person. Snowden is only the mouthpiece. There is a huge network of people behind Snowden, and they will not let up until all the truths come out. Some truths will not be conveniently benign. Some truths will shatter comfortable dogmas. Some truths will wreak instant karma—speaking of which…

    Regarding your ‘instant karma’ reference to the Three Gorges dam, what comes around goes around. Water seeks the low places. A huge force like the Yangtze River will do what it will, given its ability to wield natural forces that man has never been able to tame. It is wild and free, and man’s attempt to constrain it will soon result in unimaginable catastrophe.

    We shall see what we shall see.


  19. Some good news Taobabe…
    Realizing that this site pushes me over the edge and constantly nudges me into posting off-topic subjects on YOUR site, I have begun learning about WordPress to create a Sudokodo site…keep up the great work, and I’ll try to curb my enthusiasm and stay on topic from now on.

    Can’t wait to see some of your 2 1/2d animations on this device:::



  20. I hope you are correct, that the middle path is broad and plain, if only because I find my passions frequently nudging me outside it. If Snowden is legion, could there be only a single Taobabe? As you say, we shall see what we shall see…thanks for the SciAm link…missed that one.


  21. There are lots of Taobabes out there, but they are demigods, and I am not in their league. I am a lone truth-seeker, just trying to make sense of the world with which I find myself reincarnated into.

    The broad plain path is for the vast majority of the people to walk on. Those who forge our own paths do so with the understanding and the accessibility of the GPS with which to find ourselves back to the broad path, should we stray too far away. Make sure you keep checking your GPS, and make sure your batteries are strong and filled.


  22. Excellent advice Cosmo…and glad to hear there’s not more than one of you. I have you locked and loaded as a dependable way-point, and intend to rely on your truth seeking to periodically correct the global referance system that seems to be gradually being pushed to the South by the demi-godess wannabees, who are increasingly legion.

    So glad to have found the one and only taobabe 🙂


    P.S.: fwiw, there is also only one of me…my friends say that’s gonna be more than they really ever will need :-!


  23. OMG…hex 63 and 64 are the final two steps occurring between pairs of black holes in the galactic core, just before they wink into another dimension … Not Yet Across, Already Across… the Yijing is showing us all sixty-four stages of travelling across the multverse… from Creation to Already Across!


  24. Love that link to the dark matter info Allan. And as far as hexagrams 63 and 64, I think there is something about that which I had noticed as well. Although it’s not the link between black holes, it is the link between the I Ching’s language system, with the system used by DNA. I wrote about it some time ago, here.

    Since you are going to be writing on your new blog, maybe you can explore this topic, as it’s so marvelous, and deserves more than just a passing mention in the comments section of some random dead fish post.

    I will also do some research and write up on the black hole / I Ching connection as well. 😀 Thanks for the hat tip. And oh…that reminds me…I read somewhere that the event horizon between 63 and 64…that’s where we humans exist, on the timeline/scale of reality. In essence…


    Give me some time to dig this up and I’ll write a post on this as well.


  25. taobabe,

    I love how “at home” I feel just browsing around this site and soaking up your insight and enthusiasm. I always feel the universe(s) are more connected than even I imagined after reading your posts and viewing your images and animations.

    When I saw the image of all the fish, I saw a large number of individuals who were not long ago carelesssly following their instincts, swimming along, and then found themselves running out of room, franticly swimming in tighter circles as freedom, space, food, air gradually disappeared.
    So too are we headed towards the same Critical Mass if we blindly follow only our instincts.

    A great choice of image, and a PERFECT place to position info on Dark Matter and Black holes..your site and your post, which initially drew attention to the imminent arrival of one kind of singularity.

    I accept your offer to collaborate in any way possible, do our best to refine our understanding and spread to others the wisdom and ethical Ways of this universe we so love and respect.


  26. Regarding “we are the event horizon”…in the realm of all the universes that may exist, there is no better definition of “life on the edge”.
    Never expected to spend my time searching for “the Way” straddling one edge of the broad path and imminent spaghettification, WHILE being inspired by the taobabe.
    Is this why they are retiring “The most interesting man in the world”? 🙂


  27. taobabe,

    I just revisited your post re: the I Ching and elements of similarity to genetic codes, DNA, etc.

    I also found there a video narrated by Arthur C. Clarke describing the “Inner Truth” of fractals (patterns that repeat themselves at increasing and decreasing magnifications) which I highly recommend readers of this blog revisit also…(available externally at

    He uses the phrase ‘seeing with the fractal geometer’s eye”, which I think is incredibly important.
    There is one characteristic of truly great teachers that we have (hopefully) all experienced at least once in our lives. It’s the ability to impart deep understanding using almost childlike comparisons that peel away complexity and reveal the core similarity between chains of increasingly complex ideas.
    Taobabe teaches that way.
    The demi-goddesses don’t teach that way…they list unimportant differences between chains of essentially similar events, attempting to convince us they are the only ones capable of understanding such complexity.

    Women such as taobabe become practically orgasmic when they find a way to clearly explain the universe in a way that can be easily understood, because they actually empathically enjoy the happiness of other people achieving understanding.

    Arthur C. Clarke seems to be a male version of a taobabe (whatever that may be :).
    View the video if you have a chance.
    It points out an important truth…there is an underlying similarity connecting all we discover about the universe. The truth is in the similarity, not in superficial differences.
    A dyed-in-the wool Taoists chooses to view the universe in a way that makes it easier to see this inner truth.
    The I Ching is not a dead book used more than 5,000 years ago no longer relevant to today’s world; it is a living tool for comprehending the mysterious, disquieting occurrences happening around the world today, signs we should adopt the Taoist view soon or end up like the fish in taobabe’s powerful opening image.

    There is probably a similar image for the recent salmon farming disaster off the coast Chile.

    The forest fire still burning in Canada has now been joined by a growing fire in Russia.

    Is HAARP really a thing? Check out the wiki, remember Arthur C. Clarke’s potent, simple, truthful words:

    “Any technology, sufficiently advanced, appears as magic’.


  28. Apologies taobabe,

    At 2:03 today I replied (entry re Arthur C. Clarke) and used the word “orgasmic” … I’m rereading it now and see I’ve gone way over the top in the reply…please realize I meant no disrespect and have nothing but admiration for the enjoyment you seem to experience while describing metaphysical ideas in very understandable ways… again, sorry if I offended.

    Allan Collins


  29. Wow. You truly have an unbridled passion for capturing the essence of what you have read. I just now got a chance to read all the comments you wrote here. I think you’d be great with a blog, collating all these ideas you have come up with. In the process of writing everything down, I have found that we all begin to tap into that ancient memory, and we awaken our ancient store of knowledge.

    Now. In regards to epigenetic memories, if you are talking about reincarnation and the unique identifying memories of past lives making up the basic structures of our genetic material, I don’t see why not. After all, DNA has only one function—information storage. It is the biological equivalent of the silicon memory chips we use in our computers, no more, no less. Well…it is more in that it holds far in excess more than any of our puny chips are capable of handling at this relatively early stage of our computing era, but nevertheless, its function is storage and it has plenty enough space to store not only OUR memories but also the memories of all our direct ancestors who make up the individual that we think we are. And even as I’m typing this out, I am thinking to myself–dang! This is yet another huge area we can delve into and generate at least a couple of blog posts out of.

    One more thing.

    Truly. I felt no offense at any of your words. You have been more than kind, so please don’t feel anything but joy and wonder in the truth of the universe.


  30. Who could ask for more than this? While drawing attention to survival threatening signals, we begin using it to create an opportunity for infinite growth…

    Suddenly the tangled tales of Nuwa and Fuxi are beginning to make sense.

    thanks taobabe,
    you made my Memorial Day w/e :))


  31. Stumbled on to your “Year of the Cat” post and the obs it’s probably about a Vietnamese woman. If you have any affinity for Al Stewart, if you haven’t already you simply must listen to “Nostradamus”.. where you will hear about the “eyes of Nostrodamus”, recognize them as the I’s of the yijing, and beable to hear Al describe the story behind ‘Year of the Cat’, which follows it immediately. Enjoy:::


  32. I totally agree, there’s material in there enough to catalyze at LEAST a couple more blog posts.
    Writing for me is therapeutic and memory-dredging, in a pleasant way although sometimes tension provoking, which I think is different from stress-provoking.
    Writing about something seems to much more deeply penetrate the sensual experience of an event compared to simple verbal exchange. It allows time for more of the synesthetic channels to sharpen…I think I sense the same thing happening when you write, very exciting to read.
    I love it when thoughts are arriving fast enough to slightly outpace our ability to handle all the correlations. Sometimes as I read what you have written, it comes off the page feeling as if I had actually participated in writing it, an echo to thoughts you actually caused to arise in my mind by reading what you have written…uncanny but very comfortable. Like deja-vu with an infinitesimal delay…
    It seems in many ways our interests overlap…hopefully exchanging points of view on related or complementary topics can continue to energize both of us. It’s very empowering to experience your excitement!
    Your supportive words provide further certainty that now is the time to start 🙂

    thanks taobabe!


  33. Another term for possible addition to the pantheon of characters for the most active ‘cosmoscenti’ I remember meeting (word creation is another shared passion it seems).

    This one comes from a slightly different dimension than the one that provided those pathological alien snippets some of us have. This bird is called ‘heyoka’, a Lakota native American word:

    It would be interesting to see where this character sitson your wide path with one edge on the ecent horizon…doesn’t seem fair to Laotzu to sit him facing the same direction on the water bufalo, but I’m kind’a new at this, may your viewpoint will be illuminating.

    btw, Keiko Matsui has a pretty large cache on Spotify…just…perfect.


  34. Wow. After quickly, randomly sampling more of your blog postings, I can have only one response to your statement:

    “Wow. You truly have an unbridled passion for capturing the essence of what you have read.”

    It takes one to know one. And you are one in a million (probably more).

    Finding fodder for blog entries is not exactly going to be the problem.

    Pulling away from the deluging stream of fractally shaped expanding ideas long enough to get some work done is is becoming an intoxicating obstacle. You have really packed a huge amount of interelated images in these pages under a deceptively simple veneer.

    This site is one inflatingg fractal…zoom out, zoom in, identical but different. ‘The more it Changes, the more it stays the same.’

    Excellent work taobabe.

    P.S.:I just noticed that in the Comments areas the red text of commenter’s become links to the commenters sites when a visitor hovers over it.


  35. Thank you! The world is so vast, it’s hard to know where to focus first. It’s like…I’m a butterfly, in a vast and fragrant field of flowers, stretching out as far as the senses can perceive, and I’m having trouble making up my mind which flowers to start with; which brings me to that nagging issue that you are noticing. You have zeroed in on one of my ‘problems’.

    I often get side-tracked, as I hop from one idea to another, and that causes interruptions in my flow of thoughts. I need to track down those ideas that have not been completely presented and just finish out the thoughts. 🙂


  36. Ditto, me too. As Steven Wright (one of my favorite comics) says, ‘you can’t have everything, where would you put it?’.

    Imagine being on the other side of that wide path, not even being able to see all those wonderful flowers. Kind of a nice problem to have, if you must have SOME problems, just to maintain, as you say, that joi de vivre, n’est ce pas 😕


  37. The more one digs, the more one finds. It’s not that there’s nothing of interest or mysterious in this world, it’s that we have to accept that it is real in order to see it for what it is.

    And once you take the red pill, you can’t unsee it.


  38. Not only that, but just the sight of the blue ones is triggering the gag reflex lately…think I’m going to have a cookie, get some sleep and we can discuss this more tomorrow. Could be one of you isn’t gonna be enough to go around much longer.
    I really like your implication that the Yijing didn’t originate with the Chinese, as long as we’re discussing ‘seeing it for what it is’.

    What’s your fave, I like choco chip or macaroons 🙂


  39. At some point in time it might be important to communicate less publicly.

    One of the most distasteful aspects of this wide path we have been nudged upon together is the propensity of the blue pill merchants to hijack any well thought out plan for maintaining balance. They then immediately re~engineer the plan and use us to make only blue pills. I really like the way you’ve managed to add a little pink to the red pills.

    As I see it, there aren’t many people pushing the thin line dividing the taijitu back into the red, but you are one of ’em.

    I feel pretty certain of this this because of the stance you’ve adopted with your own blog, the info in it and the way you freely and generously share it.

    When you think this is a good idea, you’ve got my email address. Time to blend a little Sun Tzu with this taijitu we’re being pulled into, certainly not against my will.
    Make it a little tougher for the Many to see where that light is coming from (heh heh)…for that joi-de-vivre of course 🙂

    And I quote:::
    “The matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. … (that we are slaves taobabe)… Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind.”

    “…I know why you’re here (neobabe). I know what you’ve been doing … why you hardly sleep, why you live alone, and why night after night, you sit by your computer. You’re looking… I know because I (am) looking for the same thing…I wasn’t really looking for (you). I was looking for an answer. It’s the question that drives us, …It’s the question that brought (us) here…”.

    Another white hole is about to reach Critical Mass 🙂



  40. In the constant movement of that sinusoidal line within the taijitu that brings us the music we love, who would see a See-Saw? The Moody Blues of course, in their Search for Lost Chord:::


  41. Another red pilll, this one directly related to your opening image of the fish…but in the ocean depths, particularly hard to unsee:::


  42. Well last night at about 5am I finished scanning (evelyn wood speed read) all the way through to you first blog entry in 2009. If the blog is just a train-of-thought time track of material you might be putting in a book, I want to be one of the first people buying the book. If you’re looking for anybody to proof read anything, put me at the top of the list.
    It is said ‘be careful what you wish for, you might just get it’. After all these years I must admit I never lost hope of locating a woman as well balanced in all areas I consider essential as you. I can’t list 5 women taken as a group that encompass the breadth of your knowledge, curiosity, and ability to arouse thirst for same.
    There are some treasures that can be appreciated only if their antithetical polar opposites exist. I would call this woman, much easier to find than you have been, ‘BuDzhiDaoBabe’. I don’t know much Chinese, but the one phrase I have heard to the point it has become impossible to ignore is ‘bu zhi dao’ .. certainly the antithesis of you…thanks for all you inspirational hard work!!!


  43. Re-reading your gentle words:

    “The more one digs, the more one finds. It’s not that there’s nothing of interest or mysterious in this world, it’s that we have to accept that it is real in order to see it for what it is.

    And once you take the red pill, you can’t unsee it.”

    As we both know, in order to teach someone anything, they must be in an empty, receptive frame of mine. I have not mastered that frame of mind yet, but appreciate your understatement of this simple but essential to accept fact.

    In the book and movie Shogun, another taobabe, Mariko~san, stated it a differently:::

    ‘It is not sad, Anjin-san. It is just one of life’s most important rules.’

    You are a great teacher taobabe, and I am trying my best to listen, while learning more of your Ways. The safety of both my wonderful daughters depends on it.

    Bitter though it is, I will swallow the medecine.


  44. Allan, you yourself have so much to teach others. If you are able to or have the desire, spread more of your light to those around you so that we are not so alone in the dark.

    But there is one thing to be mindful of, a gentle reminder only, and it is aimed to keep us from being a ‘door-knocking, annoying, dreaded, Jehovah’s Witness’ type of person. One of my favorite sayings is this:

    Your work is not to drag the world kicking and screaming into a new awareness. Your job is to simply do your work sacredly, secretly, and silently, which will emanate Light wherever you are, and those with “eyes to see and ears to hear”, will respond. ~ Arcturians

    You, my friend, have swallowed the red pill some time back, this much I can tell. You can’t unsee what you have seen because the scales have fallen from your eyes a long time ago. I am writing another post to address this very situation. I hope to push it up onto the blog within today. Have a great day.


  45. As usual, excellent advice. To assist you today, a bit of motivational music…always makes emanating light a bit easier. Nice to know we ride the see-saw together:::


  46. One more, all time Moody Blues favorite, abhorred by door knocking JWs everywhere:::

    Looking forward to the next blog entry :))


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