Sisters of an Ancient Bloodline

Sisters of an Ancient Bloodline

Last week, my little sister came to visit me, all the way from Texas.  Living so far away from my family, it is rare that I get to see any of my sisters (yes, I do have another sister who is older than me, and yes, that does make me the dreaded, dull, boring middle sister), so when I get a chance to see one, I am thrilled!

Hanging out with her reminded me of certain very important things, one of which being that I am not alone and that I do have family who cares about me.  They may be far, far away, but they still care, and I am not alone.

We did the usual sister thing, kicking it, letting lose our hair, reminiscing about our childhood, and in general, having fun with each other as we were wont to do in our illustrious past.  This sister also happens to be a singer in a band, and it may seem strange that there would be two musicians in the same family, but I think it makes perfect sense.  We are, after all, genetically almost identical.  We have the same mother and the same father, and our genes are just about as close to being identical as any sibling could possibly be without being identical twins.

We also happen to be a part of a very ancient bloodline which runs through our father’s side, and this is part of the reason why I am as witchy Taoie as I am.  While she was here, I performed a I Ching divination for her, and I also did a complete Tarot reading, annotating and detailing all I saw and sensed so she could re-read and take it home with her when she left.

It is truly amazing that once a Taobabe, always a Taobabe.  I bring this into my daily life and I live it.  I don’t just consult the I Ching on special occasions or simply for the purpose of writing up yet another chapter on Taoism for the benefit of the Taobabe website.  I tap into her energies fairly frequently, as I would  a mother, a sister, a best friend, and I ask for advice and counsel, not just for myself but for others around me.

Speaking of which… I have not shared a I Ching divination with everyone for a very long time.  I will take the time out and post my most recent divination as soon as I finish working on the photos of my sister, who I think, is absolutely gorgeous.

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  1. I agree, you sister is very beautiful, lol.

    Can I confess, she probably get’s that from your parents?

    She has a very beautiful sister too.


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