Moon Cakes (Part 2): Molds


While we are waiting for the right time to ‘salt them eggs’, we need to start thinking about molds.  Yes, I am talking about cake molds.  No I’m not talking about some fungus growing on dead things.

In ancient time (heck, even to this day) we used molds that look like these:


The cakes come out like this:


But you know what:   I like these molds better.

Because nobody said mooncakes have to look like mooncakes.   And I happen to love dogs.

(cringe)  My ancestors are gonna kill me.


I’ve tainted the ancient sacred methods of mooncake making with my blasphemous dog-shaped molds.

But oh well…

Of course, you can also go wild and use other types of molds.  There are fairies and flowers and fish and all sorts of shapes you can imagine.  The only criteria is that it has to be deep enough to support the filling inside.

Here are a few fun selections.

So there you go.  Find some fun molds and we can start making interesting mooncakes.  And if anybody objects, just tell them Taobabe said it was ok.


3 thoughts on “Moon Cakes (Part 2): Molds

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  1. Those moon cake molds are so cute! It’s so awesome that you make your own moon cakes Taobabe. They probably taste better than the store bought ones because those ones aren’t always fresh. My favorite moon cakes are the white ones. Nowdays I think in Asia they make moon cakes with an ice cream filling which I want to try.


  2. Oh gees. Thanks for reminding me to remind everyone about the salted eggs, Mandy. You sure are a life saver. Things have gotten crazy busy within the last few days and I’m running around like a chicken with cut head. 😀


  3. When I was on pilgrimage through Vietnam, I remember watching a Vietnamese man eat a duck egg with the duck 3/4 through the gestation period. The tried to get the people I was traveling with to eat one too. Some actually did. I got out of it because I’m vegetarian. 🙂


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