Organic Alchemistry 2: Wave Genetics


(Continued from Organic Alchemistry 1: 7 Day Rule)

A wave, to my limited 3D mind, is something that comes out of the water and crashes onto shore, fueled by the energy of wind via atmospheric pressures.  It’s also something that I experience as an effect of sound, which can be startling, as sonic booms rattling windows and doors, and also as controlled acoustic levitation, lifting heavy objects.

Light is a bit trickier.  I can intellectually grasp that light is waves of photons, but the only time I really see this phenomenon is when I walk through a dark forest and light is streaming down from above.  I realize that this isn’t exactly the ‘light waves’ that science talks about, but it’s as close as I will ever get to visualizing the concept, so I’ll take it and be grateful that I have the visual acuity to be able to see this beauteous sight.


I’m not even going to get into gravitational waves at this moment because that’s a whole other ball of wax, and I’ve taken up enough space talking about non sequitur chit chat.  I want to focus on biologically-derived light waves and the effects of biophotons on human physiology.

It was right around the mid 20s and early 30s of the last century that wave genetics was first explored by a couple of Russian scientists, Drs. Gurwitsch and Lubishev, who postulated that not only does the genetics of living organisms on Earth operate at the 3rd Density material and physical level, but it also affects waves and fields on other density levels.  Genetic data, or information would then be able to transfer via electromagnetic and acoustic waves through those other density fields, back to 3rd density.


All that mumbo-jumbo up there could not really be described in its naked form to uninspired, dogmatic, rabidly religious people, so the best description that folks could come up with was Life Miracles, aka Life Magic.

Some of the more esoteric orders called it Organic Alchemistry, to sound more scientific, but let’s face it.  The term alchemy is hardly any less woo woo than magik, so I’m going to go with the term wave genetics, because that describes biophotonics better than anything I can come up with.

Back at the end of 2012, I had written up a couple of posts titled Biophotons and the Magic Wavelength, and DNA & Spontaneous Evolution.  I didn’t have much time to dig into this subject matter, but I did touch briefly upon Dr. Gariaev’s work.

Here is an excerpt from DNA & Spontaneous Evolution.

dna human

Back in 2000, two Russian scientists, Dr. Peter Gariaev and Dr. Vladimir Poponin sent a non-burning laser beam through a clutch of salamander eggs and then redirected that beam into a group of frog’s eggs and successfully transformed frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns using directed beams of photons.

The new salamanders looked and acted exactly like normal salamanders even though they originated from frog eggs.  When it came time for them to procreate, they were able to successfully mate with other regular salamanders, producing healthy offspring.

This process of light transference of DNA information from one living organism to another has to do with the utilization of the genetic material that most geneticists today call ‘non-coding DNA’.  In essence, all functions of genetic expression of an organism take up approximately 10% of DNA. The other 90% is considered by modern geneticists to be junk DNA.


But what if it’s not junk?

Dr. Peter Gariaev has always maintained that the primary focus of the wave genome theory is focused on the remaining 98% of chromosomes, which he considers as being the “…key “intellectual” structure of all cells of an organism including the brain“.  Dr. Gariaev describes these chromosomes as being the ones that “…operate on the wave, on the “ideal” (fine-field) level”. [1]

anime girl 12

The Russian scientists were then able to reprogram the DNA codon sequences using modulated coherent laser light.  Now, heretofore, scientists could cut/paste sections of the codons and derive at the changes, but it left gaping holes and serious unintended consequences which were undesirable, to say the least.

Changing DNA via reprogramming is much more elegant and much less intrusive.  It is, for all purposes and intents, the high-tech method of gene therapy, as opposed to the much cruder invasive butchering methods done at the physical level.

From their discovered grammatical syntax of the DNA language (more on this in future postings) they were able to modulate coherent laser light and even radio waves and add semantics (meaning) to the carrier wave.  Beaming this correct resonant frequencies of DNA carrier wave to any embryo will reprogram, in vivo, the DNA in that unborn embryo.  [2]

Now, keep in mind that this technology is not really new.  Scientists have been doing this research since the 20s and 30s, so I’m not pointing out something that has been untested and unproven.  This is simply a recap of information that I am using to shore up my thoughts from the previous posting.

I will continue with that thought in my next post, Organic Alchemistry 3:  An Ancient Fusion Gene.

[1]  Wave Genetics

[2]  DNA BioComputer Reprogramming

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  1. Is this meant to describe how waves can affect genes and genes emitting waves, or do some suggest genes can exist in a wave form? Is recombinant DNA related?


  2. After I get through with some of this Trappist material, I will be right back on the subject of wave genetics. I actually have most of the three remaining genetics posts written, but I wanted to get the Trappist stuff out first. 🙂


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