3D Yin Yang

Sometimes, it’s just easier to see it animated in video format as opposed to trying to visualize this, or prove it in mathematical formulas.  I, therefore, am very grateful for those who are responsible for putting this video together.  Much gratitude!!!

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  1. I was surprised to see a video about a torus here. Arthur M. Young has written about the torus as fundamental to the fabric of reality. I’ve seen the Nautilus spiral depicted with both a clockwise and counter-clockwise orientation. The double torus illustrates the As Above, So Below, alchemical tenet, (As Within, So Without).


  2. Hi Textonyx,

    Thanks for your input. The torus is part and parcel, what the yin/yang symbol is all about. The I Ching’s quantum-level binary system can be shown in this manner and explains how we get that familiar black/white yin/yang shape and color. It is mathematically derived, and has been documented in the I Ching. I wrote about it years ago in my I Ching Sphere postings. Here is the last page of the entire series.


    All the best.



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