Alien Skulls in Mexico


Imagine my shock (not) and utter amazement (hardly) that mainstream media would publish this story, and on ABC news no less.  At least, it is not as suspect a media outlet as Fox news. 

Just look at that skull!  Aside from the vaguely humanoid looking jawline, there is nothing about it that looks even vaguely human!  Look at the area between the jaw and the nose.  Look at the strange looking eye sockets that have flaps of bones covering the eye balls from the brain cavity.  Look at the number of teeth this skull has…I would be shocked if he or she had more than twenty teeth.  Furthermore, this person is obviously an herbivore, having incisors and molars, but no canines.  This person shares the same bloodline as the ancient Egyptians, we’ve seen plenty of evidence pictorally, scuptually, and descriptively.  This should not be Breaking News!

At any rate, for those of us who have a copy of Forbidden Archaeology (me!) this is hardly newsworthy.  Methinks that, in expectations of a huge news day—which ‘end of time’ should bring, the media all of a sudden found themselves with few earh-shaking things to write about, so they pull this out of the dusty shelves where these old skulls have been languishing for over a century, at least, and attempt to state the obvious, that there were ancient aliens from our past who lived amongst us and also died amongst us. 

Well, DUH!!!

Let me clarify a section of the story where they reported that there were some skulls that looked as if they had been artificially elongated by boards.  That, I could care less.  What they really should have said is that out of a collection of skulls, of which a handful looked to be obviously artificially elongated, a good majority are inexplicably alien in composition, and results of DNA testing will be announced once they have been made available, as to their genetic makeup. 

That is what I EXPECT from world-class research and reporting, not this vague and careless reporting that seems to be filler material on a slow news night.  I mean, COME ON!!! 

What the hell is more important than finding definitive proof that we are not alone in the universe?  What is more important than having the genetic blueprint of an otherworldly being at our fingertips for study and research….and then figuring out which DNA sequence they have that’s turned ON…that would match to the DNA sequences in our human genome…that has been turned OFF!

Seriously, I am just a blonde Taobabe, but if even I can see this obvious naked emperor, why can’t others?

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