What Is a Tao Babe?


Let’s face it. Being a demure quiet girl and not making waves is not what a Babe is all about. A Babe (with a capital B) is a strong confident woman who knows what she wants and goes after it with passion and intensity.

This may seem as if it goes against the grain of Taoism, which has been long associated with the serenity and desireless state of a long-suffering ideology, where women are supposedly stifled and oppressed by the confines of philosophical hierarchy.

But what if I told you that Taoism is a hot and sexy, highly charged, powerful philosophy that allows women to hold equal parts power with the men beside them? What if I told you that when a powerful woman combines her energy with a powerful man, the yin/yang melded single unit can see clearly the past and change their present to affect their future, and can move heaven and earth to co-create their very reality?

Keep reading. The methodology is ancient; a remnant of a wisdom that is ageless and nearly forgotten—hidden between the pages of a book filled with seemingly cryptic hexagrams and symbols, once considered too sacred to be exposed to the commoner. It was, in fact, considered a book of ancient magic and divination, and only available to the mystic and the shaman.

It is now available to the modern Babe for the taking. Imagine that!

Keep reading…

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