L.M. Churchill

When my dreams want me to remember something important, it is repeated multiple times, throughout the dream, and even written down for me to look at, in terms of letters and words.  At one point in my life, it was constantly being written in Chinese characters, which I could read and understand, but only in my dreams.  Upon awakening, the memory of Chinese words comprehension would escape me and I would be unable to recall the words.

So one day I sat down and did some talking to myself.  I said, “Hey you, if you are going to make me read words, at least make it English, so I can still remember what it is I’m suppose to be remembering.”  Well, that seemed to have worked, because ever since then, it’s mostly been English.

That’s just a little epilogue to this dream I just experienced.  It is a noteworthy one because it it SO CLEAR.  In it, I meet a woman with two young boys.  She tells me her children are perfectly normal, except the younger boy has such a wild and fertile imagination that he insists his name is LM Churchill, and that he is a train conductor.  Instantly, my mind gets this image of an older gentleman in a train conductor outfit.  (of course, this is a picture I took off the internet, so it is not this specific man, but you get the idea).


So, I get to talking with the little boy, who because he was barely five or six, was running around saying things like, “Ma’am, if you get off at the Jersey Junction and take the next train out to the Bronx Terminal, you’ll save yourself an extra day of waiting.  There’ll be no more trains till then.”  I was thinking to myself, OK, either this kid watches a lot of train movies, or he really is a conductor in his past life.  His father begins to berate him for being silly, and telling him that he was not this LM Churchill person that he is constantly telling everyone he is.

The boy gets upset.  He runs to a corner, curls up in a ball and begins to cry.  I felt so badly for him, so I made my way to him and gathered him up into my arms.  Instantly, I could see the words LM Churchill flashing at me in front of my eyes.  He also said it several times, insistently, wanting me to remember it.  So I committed that name to memory and I whisper over his ash blonde hair, “It’s ok.  I believe you.  Yes, you were, indeed, LM Churchill, the last time you were here.”  He looks up at me.  His eyes are a startling light blue.  They dried up immediately, and he snuggles up next to me and then falls asleep.

I wake up.  I go to the computer and type in LM Churchill.  I got some pictures of old clocks.  I also got a tombstone.

I don’t know if this is the right one.  I don’t care, really.  When dreams are this clear in my mind, it is wise to always pay close attention.  Something important may be trying to get through.

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  1. I hope the picture of the boy in the photo does not mean he was some Anne Hamilton Byrne bleached hair children mind control cult survivor like Julian Assange.



    news on village of the damned abuse cult Assange was raised in.

    Here’s some info on L.M. Churchill whose actual grave photo you posted: http://www.ourgenepool.com/phpgedview/individual.php?pid=IND00446&ged=Churchill_1_12_2011.ged

    Cattle and dairy were scheduled heavily for train shipment, vital to success or failure for perishables, in ice house dependent pre refrigeration days. The more efficient with fewer layovers en route, the bigger the profit, and lower the losses. Cattle transport was vital to the dairy business. Churchill would have to have a keen command of rail transport for goods. Andrew Carnegie made his fortune by starting as a rail clerk, and middling out coal transport competition with fore knowlege of schedules and delays, with pre time zone days exact calculations up his sleeve. Every stop require the resetting of clocks while travellling.

    LM Churchill (Ludrovick Marquis Churchill?) and Others Air Line Dairy Marinette Wisconsin




    Harmony, Wisconsin
    A ompany is organized to build a cheese factory LM Churchill is president, F. Loomis secretary, and F. Gould Treasurer.


  2. OMG. Thank you for all this information. I’m digging through all this that you sent me and I’m amazed that you could find all this detailed info just by doing searches. I really didn’t go looking for any links or connections, I simply retold a very vivid dream, knowing that it might be important to somebody out there.

    In my dream, the boy had very very pale blonde hair. His eyes were a bright blue, and he was very sharp, mentally. He was also distressed, partly because he could remember his past life, as a child, and partly because nobody believed him (except for me). Nobody looked at him in the eyes in my dream. It was almost as if he did not exist. So when I stared straight at him, he latched onto me. My visual acknowledgement was what caused him to become more solid, more real, more validated.

    I didn’t know about the train-knowledge and the train routes bit. How could I? That’s not something I was ever exposed to. It just all seemed so real because the dream was clear and vivid and in bright colors and sounds. When dreams are this vivid, it usually means something, some message that somebody is trying to tell someone, somewhere, but because nobody is listening, this somebody finds a person (any person, I guess) who is actually even aware that he is trying to send out a message. I just happened to be looking in his direction, so he blasted me with the information.

    I can try to reconnect with the boy in my dream via another lucid dreaming sequence. I can’t guarantee I’ll find his wavelength again, but I will try. And thanks again for all this info.

    Tao Babe


  3. I am thrilled that you liked it! Sure an’ t’weren’t nuthin’, ma’am. I enjoyed looking around for the stuff. Kind of hit me somehow. Dunno why. By the way you sure are a perdy lookin’ woman there! Apparently the milk and cattle rail traffic logistics sort of dictated its own part of the evolution of the system, and likely affected how things like coal and other non perishable neccessity items were scheduled. . In those earlier days, the only instant long distance communication was via telegraph. A trained operator tapped away in Morse code.. There may have been other more secure cyphers used for special private business. Announcements of delays and cancellations were dependent on receipt by another trained operator at the other end. If a train was in between stations, they would need an on board operator, able also to tap into the telegraph wire to send a message along, THERE WERE ALSO HACKERS LIKE ASSANGE IN THOSE DAYS, tapping into telegraph lines, to get the drop on intel for business, military, and train robbing purposes, either cutting or tapping into the line. I am also having very vivid dreams these days, Tao Babe. Assange claims to hack and accept leaked info for the benefit of public information. It’s hard to trust the motives of anyone these days, due to massive disinformation efforts. Every villain is obvious, by so many others seeming to work on the protagonist’s side to the story, wind up being just like O’Brien from 1984. People are the most enslaved when they believe they are free, living n the most free land in the world, and having the most choice. FaceBook for example is one of the things which can make someone into a volunteer Winston Smith. Did I say my eyes are pleased? More importantly, I think you you area very intuitive person. You never would have found the boy, or chosen that photo you posted..


  4. Do you know I am maybe a little embarrassed to tell that as I was writing, the story became “real” to me? There was a clock maker LM Churchill in England. Though probably not anything to do with the American whose grave you posted, Clocks figured heavily into the train scheduling game, because no two spots on the planet had the same time before time zones. Technically, if you walked one step, your true time had changed.GPS locations and Google Map place locations are still measured in minutes and seconds. Churchills are named sometimes for town of their ancestry, growing around a church hill, and could be from almost any English area. Australians like Assange descend from English, first criminals and colonists usually arrested to the poor house, prostitution, and other minor crimes. Later came settlers of greater means. Aborigines were of course there already. Assange, though usually sporting bleached hair, does not look even remotely half-caste.The cult used combination of sensory deprivation, random non-punishment food restriction, corporal punishment, and drugs like LSD and an assortment of others, to mind control their members children. They also used government, law enforcement, and health care connections to obtain children from foster care and orphanages. If this is Assange, he must have been deeply traumatized. He rarely smiles, and has a dissociated and emotionless demeanor, which is unsettling to watch. I feel he is being used, but initially the “message” is great, he seems to have no stake in it, and describes his activities with in legalistic terms. Notice the Anders Breivik, who was con vic ted of doing the Oslo attacks, He apparently bleaches also, while once involved in Neo Nazi groups in England, he now rambles on about opposing the Islamization of Europe, was in contact with the Jewish/Coptic Egyptian/ Koran burning minister Terry Jones coalition group protesting the once proposed Islamic religious center near the World Trade Center, and espouses Israeli right to statehood. The Bleached hair Breivik is also a Knights Templar Freemason Lodge member, with quite a sad childhood as well.


  5. Thank you Leo. I appreciate your comments.

    Very interesting stuff you were able to dig up. I have never heard of the Assange before. I did read up on them though, and looks like they are a cult with a small following of mainly children. I don’t know if the boy I dreamed about is part of this, but I can tell you that he seemed very real to me. It felt as if I was dealing with a real person. In this time epoch and this reincarnation, he is a little boy with full memory of his past life, and this is seriously getting in the way of what should be his clear and innocent childhood. I do not know how to help him, poor child. I hope he finds a way to work through this traumatic situation so that he can live a normal life.

    You are probably getting vivid dreams because these are very unsettling times, with higher vibrations hitting us directly from the dark rift. We all have that intuition within us. We can choose to listen to our intuition or we can simply pass them off as strange thoughts which make no sense.

    You also said something which caught my eye. “Technically, if you walked one step, your true time had changed.” This is the state of being in Time-space. Distance over there is time over here (here being Space-time). Conversely, distance over here is time over there. Kinda mind-boggling to me, to be honest, but I’m trying to wrap my brain around that idea. Perhaps I should write up a post about that. Hmmmm….

    Till next time then, my friend.

    Tao Babe


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