Traveling the Dreamstate Multiverse


Just wanted to quickly jot down a few thoughts about lucid dreaming.  I had always thought that the dream-state was one reality and that once I entered that reality, I was there for duration of the ride.  But apparently, that’s not the case.

Last night, I went from that reality into another reality, and I was AWARE that I had switched over to another realm!  In my dream I was walking through an empty darkened building with staircases that lead to an outer courtyard.  The sky was lead grey and suffused with dark clouds but the courtyard was beautifully lit, with millions of little white lights, almost like it had been decorated for Christmas.

I walked outside and found myself alone in that beautiful courtyard with grass and trees and flowers, and various grey stone statuary.  There was a fountain that trickled water from the mouths of lions into a round receptacle, causing a wonderful water sound to reverberate throughout the courtyard.  Everything was quiet and peaceful.  It was so serene that I wanted to take in the beauty and just enjoy.

I looked about a bit and found a stone bench nearby and enjoyed the scenery, and I remember wanting to document it, so I conjured up a computer keyboard and began typing out a description of the scenery (this is why I remember it so vividly.  I could see the text appearing in front of me, like some holographic computer screen).

Then my dream changes, so that I find myself going around, interacting with people from my past, none of which is all that relevant to this dream sequence, but then all of a sudden, I find myself back inside the building.  I see the staircase.  I start walking down, but this time, it is slow going.  I can barely make my legs move, it was almost as if I was wading through thick gooey molasses.

A girl from behind me dashes past and runs out the doorway at the foot of the stairs, and since there were windows looking out, I could see her in the courtyard, making her way to the food court.  All of a sudden, there were people everywhere walking around that courtyard, and even going up and down the same staircase I was struggling trying to reach.  In the middle of the courtyard, she stops and looks back into the building at me.  “Come on!”  She urges, “Let’s go get something to eat.  I’m hungry.”

I tried going faster but no go.  In a last desperate measure, I thought to myself, well this sucks.  I’m not going to do this the hard way.  I’m just going to visualize myself out there.  And POP!  There I was, standing next to her.


I looked around at all the people.  The courtyard is now at high noon.  The sun is bright and I barely hear the sound of the water because there was so much noise from the people walking back and forth.

“Did you see me materialize out here?”  I asked her.

“Of course I did.”  She said, as if I was an idiot, asking such a dumb and obvious question.

“Did anyone else see it?”  I asked her, looking around.

“Of course they did.”  She shrugged, and then turned towards the dining hall.  “Come on.  Let’s go, slow poke.”

I follow her into the dining hall, and we grab some food from the line.  As I am sitting there eating my food, I conjure up a typewriter again, so I can document what just happened, but this time, it was different.  My fingers were typing words, but the words that appeared in front of my eyes were gibberish, even in my dream-state.  I frowned and looked down at my hands.

Well, no wonder.  The typewriter was now arranged in a strange format.  Apparently, since I had moved into a new dimensional realm, I was no longer able to use the same keyboard that I had configured for the last realm.  I was going to have to fix it before I could type it.

It was really strange.  The alphabet, starting from the letter ‘a’, was lined up alphabetically, and if I wanted to type, I had to peck at it.  I thought, how idiotic typewriters were in this new reality.  I couldn’t type like this.  So I mentally began rearranging the letters so it would be easier to type.  Since we use vowels more often than we do consonants, all the consonants, I pushed into the upper rows, and all the vowels, I pushed into the lower rows so that my thumbs could add the vowels where needed, quickly and with little effort.  Once the typewriter had been arranged to my satisfaction, I began to type out the words again, and this time, it worked.  I could read the text again.

At this point, I woke up, but I kept the startling realization that I was able to transport myself from one realm to another in the same dream-state.  This understanding opened up many connections to past dreams that I never did understand, but now is clear to me.  All of a sudden, my dream-state just got that much larger!  An entire dimension larger.

I just found a whole new realm to play in!

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