Holy Cow!


Just a quick recap of today’s Schumann Rez, and it looks  as if it rocked off the chart.  I mean, look at that white streak that just jumped into uncharted territory.  Holy cow!

I wonder what that means.


Everything seems to be quiet on my end, but that doesn’t mean that nothing untoward is occurring elsewhere in the world.  A quick check on the traditional  news sites show nothing major happening.  There is the Oscars, usual boring blather about famous people.  There is the usual Trump stuff.  There is an interesting side line about Naval activities in the South China Seas.  Usual stuff, and nothing that would cause any huge brouhaha.

So I switch on the low gears and start searching the more…back alley news sources.

And sure enough.  There is some thing coming down.


According to a single unvetted source that has no corroboration from any other news site, or even any credible non-mainstream talking head, there is apparently a mass evacuation of Antarctica currently happening now.

From what I can gather, all civilians and scientists are being flown out, even as Special Ops and Military are moving in.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the huge crack in Antarctica.

I wonder if the huge crack has anything to do with last year’s situation, when Russian armed forces, the global leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, and the Pope all convened somewhere in Antarctica to meet up in secret over something called a Gabriel’s Ark.

I wonder if Gabriel’s Ark caused the crack.  After all, shadows in dark alleys are whispering, and the whispers in the wind are saying that over 4,000 people died because of some type of plasma emission from this object.  If it’s that powerful, what’s a little bit of ice?

It must be important and require some type of military intervention since an entire fleet of armed Russian navy ships is on its way to Antarctica.


Of course, I am merely conjecturing here.  I have nothing to back up all this.

There are elements of truths, I have to admit.  The Pope and Patriarch Kirill did meet up in Antarctica.  At the same time, Secretary of State John Kerry and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin also showed up.

I can understand why Buzz would want to be there.  He’s been saying for a very long time, “I have been telling everyone I come across on planet Earth, if you’re listening – get your ass to Mars!”  But for Kerry to be there, I honestly don’t know why. What kind of foreign affairs is Kerry undertaking in Antarctica?  It belongs to no single country, and under laws of the Antarctic Treaty System, nobody can do anything on it.

Oh well.  I’ll get some sleep tonight and check the Schumann Rez again tomorrow.  Let’s hope the blue and green comes back again.

Until then, au ‘voir my friends.

5 thoughts on “Holy Cow!

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  1. Hello Taobabe,

    Thanks for focussing on Schumann Resonances!
    While searching for causes that could influence resonances, the following info on ionospheric shell ‘thicknesses’ was found…as they change, the dielectric (insulating?) neutral layer of Earth forming the resonant cavity changes, affecting frequencies. Other things can affect the bandwidth…this paper ilustrates more about one piece of the ‘pi’:

    Click to access SmithetalRadioScience.pdf


  2. Stephen
    I saw that radiation through Europe article. I didn’t even link it to this ark thing because it’s just happening now, and that ark was, supposedly, taken to Antarctica last year. I’ll dig around and see if I can find out more about it. Thanks for the hat tip.


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