Hungry Ghosts and the Cầu Siêu Ritual

It is common knowledge that dogs, cats, and especially little children, are not allowed to be present at a Cầu Hồn (evocation or conjuration ritual), a Triệu Hồn (summoning ritual), or a Cầu Siêu (there is no equivalent English word) . I know because the first time I ever heard of a Cầu Siêu, I was … Continue reading Hungry Ghosts and the Cầu Siêu Ritual

Them Sticks

I have a confession to make. For all the years that I have been a living, breathing bona-fide card carrying Taoist, I have never owned a set of yarrow sticks. I'm so embarrassed. Yes, I know how to use yarrow sticks for I Ching divinations.  It's not rocket science. But even if it was, I … Continue reading Them Sticks