Demonic Possessions, Real or Not?

(Continued from Sexual Encounters with Ghosts)

After having viewed many many hours worth of exorcist sessions having to do with various sorts of possessions, I have come to the conclusion that demonic possession is a real occurrence.

There is also no such evidence that would indicate these possessions are of the extra-terrestrial sort. Maybe extraterrestrials can’t speak Vietnamese and so avoid us. I don’t know.

It explains why people who don’t speak a certain language can all of a sudden speak another language.

In one case, Huy (not is real name), a twenty-something-year old man was possessed by a great-great-great-great-uncle named Uncle Định (actual name of the spirit), who could only speak a very old language of a minority group in Vietnam.

His great aunt was the only person in the room who could communicate with the spirit of this uncle and was the translator during the possession.

The uncle had been killed by his own younger brother––a beheading no less, and spoke of his murder in grisly details that no one else would have been privy to.

When the spirit was asked if he wanted revenge for his death, he laughed and said that there was no need. His brother had already met his karmic retribution in the afterlife.

While under possession, Huy could not understand modern Vietnamese (which is what’s known as the Kinh language) and could only communicate with the great-aunt. Once he returned to himself, the young man was able to speak Vietnamese again.

When the young man watched the video that was recorded of his possession, he was surprised at his fluency in a language he could not understand, but that he had so fluently spoken at the time he was possessed.

Another case shows a very small thin young woman (let’s call her Kim) who was constantly harassed by a male spirit who had been a martial arts master in a previous lifetime.

She had no prior knowledge of martial arts, but when possessed by this particular spirit, Kim was able to exhibit a wide range of highly skilled moves that only a master martial arts expert would know how to do.

Unfortunately, she was also sexually harassed by this ghost entity. After a certain amount of interrogation by the exorcist, it was revealed that the spirit felt entitled to do so because he was Kim’s husband in a previous incarnation.

It took quite a bit of persuasion for him to detach himself from her and move onward to another realm so that he could reincarnate into a new person.

Once he left, Kim physically lost all the strength and vigor of a highly skilled martial artist and reverted to her small thin gentle self.

This brings me to an interesting observation. Most ghosts that possess humans do not engage in sexual behavior. Only some do, but those that do are not doing it in a random manner.

In most instances, the ghost knew the person, either while he or she was alive OR had known the person from a different lifetime.

In fact, there are some who are what is known as ‘Nhân duyên tiền kiếp‘ which means multi-lifetime lovers.

If, for some reason, one spouse reincarnates and the other is unable due to some reason (too much bad karmic debt, too much emotional bondage with the partner, etc.) then the person who is unable to reincarnate has a high propensity to ‘follow’ the partner, even in death.

They are able to follow the person from one lifetime to another due to what the ancients call a ‘red thread’. The thread is, of course, not a real thread but an emotional linkage created by the couple during one of their lifetimes.

This sort of possession requires a skilled master to extricate the spirit from the living person by cutting the ‘red thread’ and send them off in a compassionate way that the spirit being can find a way to reincarnate so the person can rejoin his or her spouse.

If the spouse no longer wants to be with the spirit being, he or she can then follow a path of redemption, towards eventual enlightenment. In either case, the living human being can then live out their life unencumbered by the burdened ghost of the past (or even a past lifetime).

For the more random sort of sexual encounters with a ghost who is not of the multi-lifetime partner, it could be someone who previously knew the person and was enamored, but may have been rejected, or may have not had the chance to express their feelings before dying an untimely death.

In either of these cases, the possession must also be dealt with humanely. There are no red threads to sever, but the attachment is still quite real. These attachments must also be dealt with so that the ghost can move on, into another lifetime free from this attachment.

For the extremely rare occurrence of a complete stranger who is actively preying on the living human, there are also methods to deal with this more malevolent entity. In all cases, there is a need for spiritual assistance and intervention.

Insofar as the vast majority of the relatively ‘benign’ possessions (those coming from relatives, spouses, children, friends, etc.) there is little attention given to these sorts of possessions because they are not all that horrific or blood-curdling.

This is because for the most part, hungry ghosts are a rather pathetic lot. They are not so much trying to harm anyone as simply trying to beg for scraps of whatever it is that they are desperate and starving for.

It is the extreme and rare occurrence of possessions of supremely evil entities that garner the most attention. These are the sort that snarl and scream and speak in a language that nobody understands.

These are the stuff of nightmares.

I’ll get into that in another post. Until then, have a nice day, and try to live a good life.

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