Taoist Priestess


When I think of a Taoist Priestess, I think of a female scholar who has devoted years of her life in the pursuit of Taoist knowledge and wisdom.  I visualize a woman who is wise and compassionate, one who has devoted her entire life to help those in need of guidance and encouragement.

I have an image of someone like her.

NGS Picture ID:1526064
The Daoist Priestess of the Sam Siang Keng Temple.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not trying to become a Priestess.  But I am very interested in the knowledge and wisdom that Taoism provides.  In my efforts to pursue the teachings of the Tao, I read lots of books, do plenty of I Ching divinations, and try my best to comprehend how modern science is tracking along with the I Ching’s ancient knowledge.

There is so much about Taoism to learn that I could spend decades and never really get a firm grasp on Taoism.  The Tao Te Ching only has 81 chapters (one chapter per page) but I’m still working through this huge database (I read fast, but understanding takes time).  The I Ching is a whole other world, and as much as I’ve dug into, I still do not have the kind of grasp needed to call myself a Taoist Priestess.

Therefore, I was completely crestfallen when I found online, various self-proclaimed Taoist Priestesses whose entire teachings have nothing to do with the Tao Te Ching (or the I Ching) and everything to do with sexual techniques documented in Su Nu Ching.


Methinks they should call themselves Sex Priestesses.

Now, before you condemn me for not understanding the connection between sex and Taoism, I will state for the record that I actually have a post (Sex and the Tao Babe) and I did devote some time to this subject.  But truth is, once I understood what it was all about, I quickly got bored with it and moved on.

I was supposed to add more stuff to this section, but you know how it goes…other, more incredible stuff popped up and I refocused my attention elsewhere.  There is so much MORE to being a Taoist Priestess than the sexual aspects, yet that is the one thing I have found that so many female Taoists are seemingly focusing on at this time.

But hey, it’s Taoism.  Those who follow the Tao are with the Tao and those who follow only the sexual teachings of the Tao, the sexual parts are also pleased to have them.


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  1. Stephen

    I wrote this post late last night, during a low point in my day when I was not feeling particularly charitable. I don’t usually get uptight about what people do with their lives or what they call themselves, and I try to live and let live, but I lost it last night (gosh, I hope it’s just female hormones kicking in at the cyclic full moon).

    Honestly, I try to be kind and tolerant, I really do. But I’m still, at best, only human. And female. And sometimes, I just lose it…

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  2. I don’t think you were overly critical, I’ve seen more harsh critiques on the topic. Also you know my background and probably understand where I’m coming from.


  3. I do understand you, Stephen. It just felt to me as if female Taoists were yet again, relegated to being sex objects or toys, removed from their intellectual and spiritual abilities, and that’s truly disrespectful to the Taoist priestesses who dedicate their lives, doing the thankless work of Taoism.

    I have a lot of respect for martial arts masters, especially the Tai Chi masters. Qigong is the physical manifestation of something far grander, far more divine, and it’s all good if you utilize it for good. But if the entire focus for the modern-day Taoist Priestess is only that which rests solely on the physical manifestation, it cheapens the divine yin aspects of Taoism. That’s like knowing the mechanics of how a car works and then calling yourself a molecular physicist. It’s insulting to the real scientists.

    And one more thing. I may call myself a Tao Babe, but that’s a far cry from calling myself a Taoist Priestess. I haven’t reached that level of wisdom and understanding of the philosophy of Taoism yet.

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