Old Dude’s Old Books

So the other day (actually, it was night), Old Dude told me to go find his old books and take a look at them.  I asked him where he kept them. "They are scattered here and there," he said.  "I handed some of them over to a young pompous rascal a while back.  Go look... Continue Reading →

Blue Roses

I woke up this morning with vivid images of blue roses.  The image was as clear as if I was awake and looking at the roses in full daylight.  In my lucid dream state, I was able to zero in on a single petal and look at its genetic makeup.  The genes show something that... Continue Reading →

Human CCC 3: Old Dude Strikes Again

So, I met up with the Old Dude again a few nights ago, as I was going through my usual dream life stuff.  Now, I know what you're thinking.  Sheesh, Taobabe is writing up another one of her boring tall-tale dreamscapes again--but let me hasten to assure you, it's not the usual suspect.  Bear up with me here.... Continue Reading →

Bands of Gold

I am in a space that is void of any visual stimulation.  It is not dark, but neither is it light.  It is mostly...foggy.  Grey mist swirls all around me but the temperature is not too cold, not too hot.  It is just empty space that I am hovering in. There is someone next to... Continue Reading →

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