Mandelbrot Bed Bugs

anime girl 218

6:00 am:  Half-asleep and seeing floating Mandelbrot sets.
6:15 am:  Eyes closed; that familiar bug-shaped mathematical construct still hovering.
6:30 am:  Mandelbrot bug multiplies and runs around.  Infestation.
6:45 am:  Eyes open.  Where the fudge am I?
7:00 am:  Oh yeah.  Still in bed, staring behind closed lids at a huge Mandelbrot bug on the ceiling.  Might as well get up.

Not quite awake.  I manage to make it down the stairs without killing myself.  I am on full autopilot.

Muscle memory allows me to make coffee in classic wu wei fashion.  I have no idea how the coffee got made, but fifteen minutes later, I am sipping a hot cup of coffee.  Also thinking about the Mandelbrot Bug.

Wondering why I am even thinking about a Mandelbrot bug at obscene hour of the weekend morning.

Wondering why I am even awake.  Should I go back to sleep?


Nah.  Don’t want to go back to the Mandelbrot bug dream again.  Most people’s scary bug dreams consist of real bugs.  Mine are Mandelbrot Set bugs, and they are boring as snot.

This is a Mandelbrot bug.  It looks hairy and scary, but it’s not.

Not unless you are scared of math.  This is what it looks like, mathematically.

{\displaystyle z_{n+1}=z_{n}^{2}+c}

And this is what you see.


I know it’s important for something that I’m supposed to be focusing on, but it’s too dang early in the morning.

I think I’ll go back to bed.

2 thoughts on “Mandelbrot Bed Bugs

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  1. …never heard the word ‘susawatari’ before…but I bet in that overworked brain of yours there is a mandelbrot connection spiriting you away…

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  2. LOL. I didn’t even make the connection to Miyazaki’s dust bunnies. Now that I realize what you are saying, I’m cracking up. 😀


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