At the risk of sounding like captain obvious, somebody took my Taobabe.com domain and put it up for sale at the asking price of $8K.

Eight-thousand US dollars!!!

My initial reaction was laughter.  Did they honestly think I was making money off my sporadic impromptu writing?  Heck, if that was true, I would have been scrounging on dandelion weeds for the past 2 years since that’s how long it’s been since I wrote anything of substance.

But thanks to an awesome suggestion by a wonderful reader (thanks Moses!), I snagged Taobabe.rocks and have nailed it to the wall.  I’m no javascript genius so I’m still trying to get the website to revert to my domain name.  It will happen when it happens.  In the meantime, if someone writes blog posts on the other domain name taobabe.com, I can assure you that isn’t me.  It’s the person who tried to extort 8K dollars from me.


But no worries.

You will always be able to recognize my writing.  I have a writing style that is quite unique to myself.  I have no directives.  I just tumble along collecting thoughts and ramble out loud on here.  And when I get busy with real life, I take a break and stop writing for awhile.

Why is this important?  The answer is monetary influence (or in my case, the lack thereof).

It actually costs me money to keep this website up and running.  I pay out of my own pocket and I get nothing in return other than a fun blog that I add content to, from time to time.  I don’t have any ulterior motives for my writings. I’m not trying to get funding, not trying to publish a thesis, not trying to peddle my wares (I don’t have wares to peddle, got nothing to sell).  I write exactly what I want, without any undue influence from anyone, anywhere.

So, my dear readers, I’m back, with a new domain name that more suits my style, and we are back on again.

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