Response from Time-Space

I have been troubled about something for awhile now, and have been debating with myself for days about whether or not to post this, as I am hesitant to draw the wrong conclusion over something that may not be what it seems to be—to me.

OK, I am not going to dance around on the pinhead any longer; I will go straight into the heart of the matter and just get it off my mind. Let the chips fall where they may.

Fully one night after I wrote the post asking for a friendly ‘Hello’ from my friendly neighborhood extra-terrestrial (see Hello Out There!), I had an extremely disturbing dream.

Now, you have to understand that I am perfectly capable of lucid dreaming, where I can control situations around me within my dream-scape. I can manifest anything I need out of thin air to do what I need, when I need it, and I can instantly banish away what I do not want around me. I am usually quite in control inside my dream-scape. Obviously, this was not going to happen in this instance.

My dream started off in a rather mundane fashion. There was nothing that was terribly untoward. In fact, for my normal dream capability, it was rather on the boring side. I couldn’t even remember most of the boring parts, but then, towards morning, it happened.

I was approached, in my mundane dream, by a woman with a very unusual face. I say unusual because her face was very round, very pale, and heavily made up with bright garish paint, almost like a Chinese or Japanese classic opera singer. She had black hair and was dressed in some type of kimono or Chinese robe, which was, to say the least, very odd.

She smiled at me—or rather—she turned towards me and the smile, which did not reach her eyes, was already painted on her face in a bright red smear of lipstick. The smile was not the usual friendly one that I was used to getting by complete strangers meeting me for the first time. It was fixed, and it was frozen on her face. She looked scary, to be quite honest, because she did not look human at all.

Behind her stood about four or five other beings that were rather short and of a nondescript grey color, and spindly in form, with heads that were larger than they should be. They stood behind her, as if they were watchers, but occasionally, they would whisper and confer between themselves. They handed her a sheaf of paper which she handed to me and then said, “This is your test.”

I took the sheaf of paper from her and thought to myself, ‘oh great. I have no idea what I am being tested for and what the subject matter is, but if I have to take a test, I might as well give it my best shot’. I glanced at her, hoping for some directions, but all she did was look at me with that horrid smile on her face, expectantly, as if she was waiting for me to initiate something.

Not sure what to do next, I looked around for some place to sit down so I could take the test, but there was nowhere for me to sit. Moreover, I didn’t even have a pen to write with. Meanwhile, the woman was starting to creep me out. She kept staring at me with that creepy smile on her face.

Now remember, I can manifest anything I need to handle any dream situation at hand, so like the veteran dreamer that I am, I called forth my trusty little silver Miata and it promptly appeared in front of me. At least, here I had a seat that I could use to sit down and look at the document.

I got into the car. The woman and the grey guys behind her came closer to me and began crowding around the window of my car. I heard her calling me so I turned my head towards the window and nearly had a panic attack. She had stuck her head into the open window of my car and all I could see was her painted white face with the charcoal-rimmed eyes and the bright red lipsticked grin, inches away from my eyes.

I was no fool. I cranked the engine up and roared out of there so fast, I was gone in an instant. I then found myself driving through a cityscape at night, with the flashing of the overhead street lights throwing alternate light/dark/light/dark patterns inside my car as I drove past the light poles. Safe in my car, I relaxed, and then did the unthinkable. I looked in the rear view mirror.

Now, let me give you a bit of friendly advice. When you are driving at night, don’t look in the rear view mirror. You just may see what you don’t want to see.

I looked into the rear view mirror. I saw her leering at me.

Oh my god! I choked back a scream. She was there, with the five guys behind her. But my car is a Miata. It is a two-seater. I don’t care how hard you try to cram them in, there is NO ROOM behind the car seats for a woman and five short dudes.

I began to freak out, but I knew it was a dream. Stuff like this didn’t happen in real life. I began to say to myself, as if I was chanting a mantra, “You’re not real. You are not real. I am not seeing you. You are not real!” I was trying to will them out of my dream, and this is usually an effective way to do so.

But they never disappeared. They remained exactly where they were. I had no effect on their existence within my dream-scape at all. This was a new experience for me, my inability to affect my dream-scape. I was completely at their mercy.

The woman reached out and touched my arm, as if trying to reassure me. I truly panicked then. I tried to pull my arm away, all the while saying to them in a desperate voice, “Don’t touch me! You’re going to make me crash my car. I’m driving. Don’t touch me!” But the more I pulled my arm away, the stronger her grip was. I struggled with her, trying to control my fear and the car at the same time. I didn’t know which fear was worse, the fear of the woman behind me or the fear of crashing my car into the embankment. I was scared! I screamed.

And that was when I woke up. No scary woman, no short grey dudes, and no Miata, just a vivid dream with horrifying visuals. I clutched my blankets, thankful that I was safe in my own bed. Within minutes, I had fallen back into another dream. This one was much more benign. I was walking towards a parking lot with my older sister. She shows me her car. It’s a silver disc, quite pretty. She asks me if I would like to see it. I said ‘Sure!’ and slid behind the seat.

It was a really cool new design in steering. You put your hands on a round floating circular pad and the car would move depending on what you did. The craft hovered and moved forward if you push both your hands forward. Push to the left or right and it slid sideways in the direction you pushed the control. Pulling the floating pad towards you and the car went backwards. Pull up and the car hovered near the ground. Pushing down shot your car upwards, into the sky. It was a strange and wondrous car. I wanted one just like it.

Then I woke up.

I think I failed the test. 

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