DNA and the I Ching: The Integration


(continued from DNA and the I Ching: The Connection)

Here’s a small peace offering–my way of a belated apology.

A long, long, time ago, I had written up a very basic and simple analysis of the connection between what seemed to be two very dissimilar entities, based upon what I knew of the two, from my initial research into the matter.  I did my best to answer the question of HOW the I Ching and DNA are connected.  Then, I posed the question:  WHY is there a connection between DNA and the I Ching?

And subsequently, I left it to wither on the vine.

I have yet to revisit this fascinating subject because, as fascinating as it apparently was to me, I quite simply forgot about it.  And so this amazing subject got shelved for years, languishing on the shelves of neglect and oblivion, gathering dust and susuwatari, alongside other neglected, abandoned postings.

Completely unforgivable.


My only excuse is that there are just so many other equally fascinating subjects for me to explore, that I lost track of the DNA-I Ching subject.

To address this most grievous oversight, I will do my best to shed further light onto this subject.

The integration of the I Ching and DNA starts off with its physical characteristics.

The Laws of Vortices

In a couple of my earlier postings, the I Ching Sphere (Part 7) and DNA and the I Ching: The Connection, I touched upon the physical similarity of both.  Their shapes adhere to the rules of a vortex, which is defined in fluid dynamics as a region in a fluid where the flow of the fluid rotates around an axis line.  The axis line may be straight or curved, and depending on this, the shape changes. [1]

When a vortex moves, it carries with it a certain amount of angular and linear momentum, it generates some energy, and it has mass.  All these properties are going to translate over to the I Ching vortex, as well as the DNA vortex (not to mention quantal and astral bodies).

In fluid dynamics, there are two types of vortices, the rigid body vortex, and the irrotational vortex.  Of these two, it is the rigid body vortex which we will be focusing on because it is this particular type of vortex on which all life springs forth.

A rigid body vortex is a vortex that has its vorticity direction running parallel to the rotation axis, and its magnitude is equal to twice the uniform angular velocity Ω of the fluid around the center of rotation.

girl thinking

That’s quite a bit of scientific wording to convey a straightforward concept.  I’m going to present it in Taobabe fashion (blonde-speak).

In Taobabe speak, the math looks like this:

{\vec  {\Omega }}=(0,0,\Omega ),\quad {\vec  {r}}=(x,y,0),
{\vec  {u}}={\vec  {\Omega }}\times {\vec  {r}}=(-\Omega y,\Omega x,0),
{\vec  \omega }=\nabla \times {\vec  {u}}=(0,0,2\Omega )=2{\vec  {\Omega }}.

And the image looks like this:


DNA Vortex:

dnastructureIn a scientific paper by Dr. Ralf Metzler, entitled Single DNA Conformations and Biological Function, protein geometry and dynamics are described by three rigid-body rotation angles (tilt, roll, and twist).

Therefore, DNA looping can be viewed as a generalisation of DNA cyclisation in which the protein component is characterised by a particular set of local geometric constraints and elastic constants. [2]

What we see as a DNA double helix is actually not stuck in space as a helix.  It tilts, rolls, and twists in the fluid with which it is contained, but it adheres to a certain type of toroid, that of a rigid body torus.

In a rigid-body torus, the flow of a fluid has constant density.  This allows the dynamic pressure to become proportional to the square of the distance r from the axis.  The spiral retains its shape due to the dynamic pressure that is lowest in the core region, closest to the axis, and increases as the fluid moves away from the center.

A scientist named Bernoulli came up with the principle called Bernoulli’s Principle, whereby an increase in the speed of a fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in pressure, or a decrease in the fluid’s potential energy. [3]

It is the gradient of this pressure that forces the fluid to follow a curved path around the axis.  Add to this pressure, forward motion through the fluid of life and voila!  We have the mechanism which shapes the famous double-helix shape of DNA.  It will always shape itself thus, not because it likes to be helical but because the forces surrounding it actually force its shape to adhere to the dynamic flow of energetic fluids all around it.

As an aside:  Since DNA codes proteins, and proteins determine everything with respect to life, when proteins fold, they will also be following the same rules of vortices that DNA must follow.  This is why proteins only fold in certain ways, no matter what is done to them.


This is an important point, so hang onto this idea while we continue with the I Ching vortex.


I Ching Vortex:

helixIChingThe I Ching sphere exhibits the exact same shape, movement, and angular momentum  because it is not a flat, static disk.  It is a spinning vortex, toroidal in nature.

The various points of the I Ching corresponds with a I Ching hexagram, and the hexagrams change in cyclic formation as it moves through the I Ching.

What we see then, is that the I Ching was an ancient method to represent DNA.  They exhibit the same structures, not because they are separate entities but because the I Ching is the mathematical construct of the mind of divinity, actively coding in binary (machine) language, no less, the physical organic (living) construct of the universe.

This was known in ancient times and represented in a multitude of sculptures and drawings that have managed to survive to this day (more on this in future postings).

But more than that, the shape of the I Ching is also constructed by the fluid surrounding it, and the Ancients call this fluid Khí (Chi, Qi, 氣).

Since Khí, as a concept, was already in existence before Taoism came into being, it is not necessarily a Taoist concept, although Taoists make full use of this ancient knowledge without impunity.

Indeed, Khí has its roots in ancient Asian prehistory, reaching into that quasi-magical arena where immortals and alchemy exists.  Since I know nothing about Taoist Immortals, I will not belabor this point other than to state for the record that I would sure like to meet one someday!  (Old Dude doesn’t count since he only comes around in my dreams, and is obviously not alive).

Khí (Qi,Chi,氣) 

In the Secret of the Golden Flower, there is a passage which describes Khí, in so many words.

The breath should be held and it will be gathered.
If it is gathered, it becomes magic.
If it becomes magic, it descends.
If it descends, it quiets down.
If it quiets down, it solidifies.
If it is solidified, then it germinates.
If it germinates, it grows.
If it grows, it is attracted upward.
If it is attracted upward, it reaches toward the heaven.
In heaven, it ascends upward still.
At the lower end, it descends still.
Those who follow this will live,
those who act contrary will die. [4]

The word Khí means life force.  Khí is the flow of energy around, as well as through, the body.  According to Taoist principles, Khí permeates everything and links all things to their surroundings.

Since Khí is the fluid which shapes all things via the pressures and energies formed by a vortex, following Bernoulli’s Principle, the surrounding with which something is immersed and enclosed within actually forces its shape to adhere to the dynamic flow of energetic fluids all around it forming a cohesive and functioning unit.

This brings me to the Fluidity of the Universe.

Fluidity of the Universe

The Universe acts like the fluid within an amniotic sac.  To the child within the amniotic sac, there is nothing within the sac but the fetus.  The child cannot sense the fluid that encircles and protects it.  This is also apparent when we consider the fact that we cannot sense the vast and overwhelming presence of what is around us.

According to Dr Haramein, currently, the Standard Model of physics accurately predicts only about 4% of our universe. The other 96% is “missing” and composed of “dark matter” and “dark energy”.


His idea is explained in a scientific paper entitled The Schwarzchild Proton [5] where dark energy is what overwhelmingly makes up the Universe.

The portion that we think of as matter, which includes space dust and all the stars and planets of all the galaxies in the Universe, actually only  takes up a mere 4%.

Here is where science slams into philosophy.  We are not individuals existing all alone and without connection to anything.  Far from it.

Since Dark Energy is a Yin Energy, we, along with all matter in the universe, exist within the Yang Spaces in between the Dark Energy that the Ancients called Khí.  It is that tilting, rolling, and twisting energy of the Khí that molds our DNA into that double helix.  It connects everything to everything.

Lao Tzu spoke of Dark Energy in the Tao Te Ching.

The valley spirit, undying
Is called the Mystic Female
The gateway of the Mystic Female
Is called the root of Heaven and Earth
It flows continuously, barely perceptible
When utilized, it is never exhausted [6]

Furthermore, the toroidal energies generated by all that angular and linear momentum allows mass to take place and form.  Did you honestly think your body was created by some internal set of codes?  It’s actually the other way around.

Without Khí’s adherence to the laws of vortices, we would fall apart, like water in a still pond.  It is this vortex movement that allows us to hold our shape, enclosed within the womb of a loving parent.


In essence, there is a negative shape the size of a Taobabe around me, comprised of dark matter.  This negative shape is what keeps my form from falling apart.

The math proves that the incredible amount of energy present in the fabric of the vacuum itself can be used to calculate the mass-energy of a proton, which would have enough within its volume to create a tiny singularity in its center: a mini black hole.

Which brings me to Black Holes.  (sigh)

Not on this posting.  It has gotten so long that it’s threatening to turn into several more postings.  I did manage to cut out a huge chunk of information that I had added earlier, just so this post will not become too encumbered.

[1]  Vortex

[2] Single DNA conformations and biological functions

[3]  Bernoulli’s Principle

[4]  Secret of the Golden Flower

[5]  The Schwarzchild Proton

[6]  Tao Te Ching


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  1. Woah! I’ve never thought about DNA like this. It’s so awesome how you connected I Ching and DNA. If only my textbooks explained DNA like you they would be so much more interestingredients to read.


  2. Yeah, I hear you. They take the most interesting subjects and make them boring as snot.

    I am not sure where you saw ingredients. I think you mean ‘integration’. 😀


  3. As usual your writing is exhilarating! Of course, that could be due to the fact that your subject is close to my heart and soul. Bravo Taobabe, bravo!


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