The Long View


I’m easy to impress.  If I don’t understand something, all ya gotta do to impress me is to explain it to me in a way that even I (yes, the blonde Taobabe) can understand.  This is not as difficult as it sounds.  I’m a visual learner, so all I really need are graphs and charts.  Throw in a few pretty pictures and I completely grasp the situation.

So when I was shown a graph that was stupid simple, I was impressed.  Now, I know that statisticians can manipulate graphs and charts to make it say whatever they wish it to say.  They can even manually change numbers here and there to reflect a certain ‘truth’ that will match with what they wish to espouse.

I understand how images may not show the entire picture.  After all, I am a wizard at taking photos and then digitally changing them so that they show only what I want the world to see, minus all the undesirable areas and artefacts.

This is why it is important to see the entire picture.  For a number to have any sort of significance, sometimes, a longer timeline is necessary to see long-term trends.

Enough of the talk.  Here are the pictures.



(FYI:  if image does not rotate, click on it and a new browser window will open up to show the rest of the images)

2 thoughts on “The Long View

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  1. Thank you, I enjoy reading your posts! You’re into editing photos?!!! That’s awesome, me too!

    BTW, I think the term “global warming” is distracting. I think what’s happening to our planet and the rest of the solar system is better described as “global climate change”. Toni


  2. Thanks Toni! I love photography in the digital age. There are no messy chemicals to deal with, and we can take as many photos as we wish without having to worry about the cost of film. And then, with all the software available, we can turn the photos into works of art just by clicking a few times here and there. LOL.

    Global climate change has been happening since the Earth first began to form. It’s not a new event, and certainly, although humans have added to the general weather pattern trends with all of our activities, it’s just a drop in the bucket when you consider all the factors that cause global climate change, none of which humans have any control over.

    I am currently waiting for a book to be released which talks about the role that the sun has, for Earth climate change. It’s called The Neglected Sun. It was written by a German scientist, and this book is already #1 best seller in Germany. It will be available in the USA this fall, as it is currently being translated and not yet available to be ordered through Amazon. I think this one is worth my effort to do a book review on. I’ll post my thoughts on it when I can.


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