Pink Salt from the Himalayan Foothills

I am NOT a health nut guru. As a matter of fact, my normal instint has always been to actively shun the so called ‘health foods’ that many people ascribe and prescribe to. Anybody who knows me for even a very short time will testify to the fact that I go out of my way to seek the most delectable, most sinfully edible delights. My love for exotic bad-for-me delicacies takes me to unique places near and far, to sample and acquire to my heart’s content, the best of what the wicked and evil culinary world offers.

Imagine my intense surprise and delight when I accidentally stumbled over something that I would expect to be found only in gourmet stores or health food shops. It was stacked in rows and rows of plentiful abundance in a Costco warehouse, right next to all the heady, pungent spices and flours. Pure,
unadulterated, genuine Himalayan Pink Salt from the foothills of Pakistan, packaged within a handy dandy grinder, to be used directly on foods. Best yet, it was priced at a bargain! I walked out of there with two bottles of pink salt (with attached grinders) for $4.49 each.

(Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated in any way shape or form with Costco, although I am a card-carrying member and shop there on the occasion for basic supplies and the occasional oddity.  This is not an endorsement for healthy foods either, as I would rather we all die in luxuriant hedonistic comfort rather than live like ascetic monks, making do with bare threads and tuber roots rations).

I’ve known about the benefits of pink salt for years, but as I said, I’m not a health nut. I normally shun healthy, good for you foods because I never want to feel as if I am depriving myself while shelling out a ton of dough for something that might or might not work. But I just could not resist the pink in the pink salt. It’s the same reason why I buy pink shoes, pink clothes, and pink bags, with matching pink accessories for my killer cocker spaniel. I adore the color. But I digress…

The real test, of course, is how pink salt makes my food tastes. I refuse to slave over a hot oven for an hour, and then ruin my perfectly blended sauces and crispy roasted meats with something that is touted to be good for me, but nasty-tasting as a result. Just as a simple taste test, I ground up some pink salt and sprinkled it over steamed chicken breast—Delicious! But one taste test isn’t really a test. I had to try it on other things. Steamed rice—Nice! Fresh tomato slices—yummy. French fries—Bingo!

I’m sold for life.  Promptly dumped out all my basic white table salt.  From now on, it’s pink all the way, baby.  A different size for every need, and I am a very happy Tao Babe.

Of course, if you want to know the health benefits, you can go to any health food store and read all about it. I’m not that into the health craze, but simply because it tastes good, I’ll keep using it.

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