I Ching Sphere 3: Where there’s Smoke, there is Fire

three girls

The three Layers of Level 2

Level 2:  Heavy Spark Ascending, Fire Circulating, Doubled Yang *

Level 2 is much more interesting because although there is only one LEVEL 2, there are three LAYERS of Level 2.  Remember I said that the I Ching is multidimensional?  Well, that means that parts of it occupies the same space as other parts, but in different dimensions.

Imagine yourself sitting in your chair.  Then imagine that there are two other people (who are not you), but sitting in the exact same spot that you are sitting in.  One may be sitting on a bed and the other may be sitting in a moving car, but definitely, your space is your own.  They are not occupying your unique dimension, and certainly not sitting on your favorite chair or your lap, but nevertheless, they are occupying the same space that you are occupying.


Layer 2

The three hexagrams contained within Level 2 is , .  The last hexagram is within the central axis point called A2.

Let’s take them and parse them out, one by one.

Heavy Spark Ascending

three girls 1

Schöter calls the first Layer, Heavy Spark Ascending.  I can totally see why he called it heavy spark.  It does look heavier than the level 1 Spark Ascending.  That’s because there are two yang lines rising up from the mostly yin lines.


Notice that Spark Ascending occupies its own layer, whereas Heavy Spark Ascending has to share the same space with three other siblings.  That’s because layer two occupies three different dimensions.  In its own dimension, Heavy Spark Ascending is actually all by itself, and if it has awareness, it would think to itself that it is alone, and the space that it occupies is only occupied by its six siblings, like so.


Layer 2 of Heavy Spark Ascending

This is very similar to layer one with the exception that, unbeknownst to itself, it exists in two other planes of existences.  That’s almost like us in a way.  We sorta, kinda, vaguely know  that we exist mentally, physically, and spiritually, but let’s face it, on most days, it’s all we can do just to drag ourselves out of bed, make our coffee, and face the challenges of the new day.  It’s all we can handle just to manage our day-to-day existences.

Be that as it may, the variable A2 also contains the Fire Circulating group.

Fire Circulating

three girls 2

In this grouping, there is a single yin broken line in between the two yang lines rising up.  The yang spark wants to rise faster, so it breaks away from the base yang line and begins to circulate.  Schoter calls this one the Fire Circulating.


In the world that Fire Circulating occupies, it does not recognize that there are any other entities except for its six siblings.  Notice also that it is moving inwards, towards the axis, as its yang lines spread out further apart, stabilizing the hexagram.  This is akin to a skater moving faster when she pulls her arms closer towards her body.


Understand that this movement has nothing to do with wind drag or friction but rather with angular momentum and inertia, two laws which the movements of the Tao respect and follow.  It doesn’t matter if this occurs in deep space or on the surface of the Earth, where air mass abounds.  It works in the exact same manner.  Here’s where the math makes me cringe, but I still have to present it so that I can clearly indicate the spinning vortex quality of the I Ching’s hexagrams.  This is important on many levels, and I will clearly point them out in future postings.  (I promise!)

This is how it works.  The angular momentum, L = Iw, where I = inertia, w = angular velocity.  L remains constant, but the equation for I is I = mr².  Since the skater’s mass is constant, if she reduces the radius in her spin it will cause I to decrease, since L is constant, w must increase to compensate.


Layer 2 of Fire Circulating

Doubled Yang

three girls 3

With the Doubled Yang, this circulating fire manages to rise one more level to ‘double up’, leaving behind three solid and stable structures.

Rising Arousal

In this layer of Level 2, all three hexagrams occupy the same space in a rotational order.  They are in the same dimension, but only exist as a change, or Δ.  <=  (Aren’tcha proud of me?  I actually used a mathematical symbol on this page!)

That means that this Doubled Yang layer is actually three layers in one, because each of these siblings only know it exists as an individual.  It does not know that it winks in and out of existence as it moves through its other forms.  In a very real sense, it has multiple personality disorder.  This is part of the CHANGES that is stated in THE BOOK OF CHANGES.

A2 = { 100100010010001001 }

Just as the skater pulls her arms in completely, this structure is very stable and spins very fast, centered on the axis.  This is what it looks like.



anime girl 120

I can’t believe I got through Level 2 without breaking down into a sniveling mess!  The math got me quivering a bit, but I survived through it.  Onward and upward to Level 3!!!

*  The Teikemeier/Drasny Sphere.  Dr Andreas Schöter. 2012


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