Year of the Cat 2023

Lì Xì Cats Every year, right around this time, I buy red lì xì  money envelopes that have the corresponding animal to the year I'm in and give them out to all the little kids I know. Before you think that is extremely wasteful, I will hasten to assure you that the envelopes only contain a few... Continue Reading →

Cổ Trùng – Dark Sorcery 1

(Continued from Hexagram 18 - Poisonous Dark Sorcery) Cổ Trùng In the ancient world, the word Cổ Trùng include poisonous toads, frogs, snakes, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, as well as various other types of animals we would not normally consider poisonous. This also includes certain types of ticks and butterflies, and even bacteria and viruses. Please... Continue Reading →

Lên Đồng 3: Mother Goddess

(Continued from Lên Đồng 2: Mounting the Medium) Folk beliefs are all the rage nowadays.  Everybody wants to go tribal. It is the hottest new trend.  The Japanese have their Shinto.  The Chinese have their Zhōngguó mínjiān xìnyǎng.   And us Việts, we have our Đạo Mẫu. I am not surprised that this is so.  Remember,... Continue Reading →

The Copper-Nickel Alloy Oracle

Suprahuman intelligence has from the beginning made use of three mediums of expression---men, animals, and plants, in each of which life pulsates in a different rhythm.  Chance came to be utilized as a fourth medium; the very absence of an immediate meaning in chance permitted a deeper meaning to come to expression in it.  The... Continue Reading →

Chu Dynasty I Ching

Yet another sojourn through space and time, into the vast distant reaches of the I Ching's various interpretations and compilations.  I finally got a chance to crack open the two-volume Chu-Dịch written by Phan Bội Châu, which means The I Ching, during the era of the Chu Dynasty (周朝) Chou Ch'ao. The two short words that... Continue Reading →

Gentlemen’s Philosophy

Sometimes, it's not easy being a Tao Babe.  In fact, more often than not, it feels as if I am basically alone in a sea of humanity, all moving in one direction, all looking at one shining object in the distance.  There I am, standing still and breaking the flow of the movement, feeling singular,... Continue Reading →

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