The Copper-Nickel Alloy Oracle

Suprahuman intelligence has from the beginning made use of three mediums of expression---men, animals, and plants, in each of which life pulsates in a different rhythm.  Chance came to be utilized as a fourth medium; the very absence of an immediate meaning in chance permitted a deeper meaning to come to expression in it.  The … Continue reading The Copper-Nickel Alloy Oracle

Dịch Kinh Linh Thể

Quick post to share a wonderful book with all my Taoist friends.  The book is called Dịch Kinh Linh Thể and was written by professor Kim Định.  It goes in-depth into the origins of the I Ching.  Great news is, it is free downloadable book.  Here is the link. Dịch Kinh Linh Thể Enjoy everybody!