The Copper-Nickel Alloy Oracle

Suprahuman intelligence has from the beginning made use of three mediums of expression—men, animals, and plants, in each of which life pulsates in a different rhythm.  Chance came to be utilized as a fourth medium; the very absence of an immediate meaning in chance permitted a deeper meaning to come to expression in it.  The oracle was the outcome of this use of chance.  The … Continue reading The Copper-Nickel Alloy Oracle

Chu Dynasty I Ching

Yet another sojourn through space and time, into the vast distant reaches of the I Ching’s various interpretations and compilations.  I finally got a chance to crack open the two-volume Chu-Dịch written by Phan Bội Châu, which means The I Ching, during the era of the Chu Dynasty (周朝) Chou Ch’ao. The two short words that make up the title of the book, Chu-Dịch, is deep … Continue reading Chu Dynasty I Ching

I Ching Sphere (Part 7): Putting It All Together

(…continued from I Ching Sphere (Part 6): Levels 4, 5, 6) Slicing up an entity, no matter the size, will always result in a distorted image of said entity.  There is no way to represent it as it is, when it exists in small bits and pieces of itself.  I sliced up the I Ching so that I could show the mathematical formula for the … Continue reading I Ching Sphere (Part 7): Putting It All Together