The Tao of Babe


The Tao of Babe starts with The Babe.   And before the guys get all antsy about the term Babe, let it be known that there is a fine art to being a Babe.  It is hard work.

How to become a Babe starts not with the outside (although lipstick and pearls are a great addition to the Babe image) but rather with the inside.  After all, putting lipstick on a pig or hanging pearls on a swine is not going to change the fundamental pigness of a pig.


So we turn to the Tao to keep ourselves from looking piggish.  We cultivate the beauty within, and somehow, that inner change is ultimately reflected in what others see when they look at the Tao Babe.

Chapter 13 of the Tao Te Ching, translated by Derek Lin says: 

What does “the greatest misfortune is the self” mean?  The reason I have great misfortune is that I have the self.  If I have no self, what misfortune do I have?

First pointer in the Tao of Babe: Maintain ownership over that remote control, ladies!  When that inner byatch starts talking real loud and being nasty to you, turn her OFF!!!

Ain’t nobody meaner and nastier to a Babe than her own stinking inner critic, who will sometimes say the cruelest things just because she can.  Now don’t get me wrong.  She is my best friend, and I love her dearly, but I get sick of her sometimes, and so I put her on mute when it gets even the slightest bit annoying to hear her trash-talk me.

You see, I don’t need to hear about how seriously overweight I am, or how unattractive I’ve gotten as of late.  That’s just BS, and we both know it, but it makes her feel in control to dig at me, so I take my remote and turn her off.  Then I go and get a chocolate cream puff from the fridge just to spite her and I enjoy it while skinny dipping in the hot tub in the middle of the night.




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  1. Salutations;a quick glance and another very useful perspective.Thank you for taking the time to write,having an interest in the major paths,including Taoism,I was excited because I never read anything from any Vietnamese Taoist, I can see from an overview we have a tremendous amount in common.I used to use email but did so so seldom my the one listed .are just bogus now,it takes an email address to get one usually and — just too busy but I have to reconnect to the world at least for basic things,so I’ll email U later with a current email address.I think i could get a boost from you.I owe my mother a debt of gratitude and was a bit concerned that if I turned my body into vapor,would I be able to turn it back and would I still be able to be here physically to help my mother now that she is getting older? I don’t personally know any Taoist masters here only Tibetans teachers.Mr.T.Van.BC


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