Wisdom of the Soul

When your soul is in-flight, mid-dream, it is following the wisdom of the soul, to a realm that blossoms forth fully-formed, and is completely awakened.  

When we sleep and are dreaming, we enter into another dimension.  This dimension is misty and ever-changing.  Its wave forms shimmer at the touch of a thought, and it reinvents itself to match up with our increased knowledge and awareness.  It understands that to teach, it must lower itself to the level of the student, and become of one mind with the student.  As the student progresses, it rises up to match the student’s understanding of the subject matter.  To increase the student’s knowledge, new information surfaces at the exact moment that it is needed, and like the most skillful teachers, it does this serendipitously, without leaving tracks of its shepherding.

When we pay heed to our dreams, we allow ourselves to be guided by our fully-awakened self.  We are then able to continue the process of remembering what we have forgotten, when as reincarnated souls, we slipped from a higher dimension into a lower one.

To make the most of the teachings of our soul, the best way to do this is to document our dreams, no matter how strange it may be.  Much like the game of Charades, our soul speaks in sights, sounds, scents, and emotions.  When there is a lesson to be learned, the dreams will drive home the lesson in repeated messages, couched in various different scenes all revolving around the same theme.  The best method to decode the messages that come from our dreams is to document the dreams.  This is how I do it.  Understanding the messages will take time and effort, but in the end, the ultimate reason for existence is the development of the soul.

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