Zhuangzi and the Butterfly

Zhuangzi was a Taoist sage who lived during the 4th century BCE. His butterfly dream poem is among the most famous passages in ancient Chinese literature.  In this poem, he writes about a dream that he had of being a butterfly, flying about enjoying itself. It did not know that it was Zhuangzi. Suddenly he awoke, and was Zhuangzi again. He did not know whether it … Continue reading Zhuangzi and the Butterfly

Wisdom of the Soul

When your soul is in-flight, mid-dream, it is following the wisdom of the soul, to a realm that blossoms forth fully-formed, and is completely awakened.   When we sleep and are dreaming, we enter into another dimension.  This dimension is misty and ever-changing.  Its wave forms shimmer at the touch of a thought, and it reinvents itself to match up with our increased knowledge and … Continue reading Wisdom of the Soul

Follow the Leader

Everywhere you go these days, it seems as if everybody wants to be a leader and nobody wants to be a follower. But the truth is, you only need a few Indian chiefs in any organization. For that organization to run effectively, the majority of those within that organization have to be a productive worker. That’s fairly common sense, but this position is seen as less … Continue reading Follow the Leader