Ten Conditions for Beauty in Ancient Vietnam 2

(Continued from Ten Conditions for Beauty in Ancient Times 1) As promised, here are the remaining Requirements of an Ancient Beauty, as written by an ancient scholar of anonymity. 5. The Three Arts So far, the first four requirements are something that is beyond the scope and ability of any young beauty of the day to... Continue Reading →

Bottom’s Up! It’s 2023!

It's 2023 everyone!  Happy New Year to all of you.  Hehehe.  Let's drink and be merry, shall we?  For those of you who have managed to make it alive and well to this point in history, I drink to your continued health, wealth, and happiness.  2022 was a tough year. In fact, it has been... Continue Reading →

Zhuangzi and the Butterfly

Zhuangzi was a Taoist sage who lived during the 4th century BCE. His butterfly dream poem is among the most famous passages in ancient Chinese literature.  In this poem, he writes about a dream that he had of being a butterfly, flying about enjoying itself. It did not know that it was Zhuangzi. Suddenly he... Continue Reading →

Wisdom of the Soul

When your soul is in-flight, mid-dream, it is following the wisdom of the soul, to a realm that blossoms forth fully-formed, and is completely awakened.   When we sleep and are dreaming, we enter into another dimension.  This dimension is misty and ever-changing.  Its wave forms shimmer at the touch of a thought, and it... Continue Reading →

Follow the Leader

Everywhere you go these days, it seems as if everybody wants to be a leader and nobody wants to be a follower. But the truth is, you only need a few Indian chiefs in any organization. For that organization to run effectively, the majority of those within that organization have to be a productive worker. That's... Continue Reading →

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