Meteors, Tents, and Axes


Another anomalous dream seems to have hit me over the head.

I am in my back yard, which overlooks a lake or a bay, and chatting with a couple of people—our conversations inane.  All of a sudden, the girl screams and jumps behind me.  I look up just in time to see a huge chunk of the sky falling down right in front of me and landing with a great splash.  Steam and smoke from the fiery object blasts the air immediately around it.  Curiously, I am not hurt.  It sizzles and then starts to cool down into a glowing metallic rock.  The sky, which was a bright blue, all of a sudden turns dark as night.

I run to the other side of the yard and find myself in a tropical area where there are lots of oceans with dotted islands that are so close I could swim out to them.  Over here, the sky is still blue.  As I am looking, it seems as if many black pieces of the sky were falling down onto the inhabitants below.  I hear them scream and cry out in anguish.


I see the smoke and steam rising from the impact of what looked like a huge meteoric shower.  The metallic pieces pepper and dot the islands, causing some of them to be pushed into the waters.  The day turns into night here as well.

Then, I see the symbols of the tent and the ax, in stencil-like form, as if it is just a symbol for something else.  Told you my dreams are weird.  These two shapes are floating around my head, going at each other and flashing before my eyes.

tents vs ax

I’m going to have to do more research on this to find out if it is actually a symbol for something or if it’s just my exhausted brain going slightly mad in the night.  It looks as if for today, my symbol du jour is TENTS and AXES.

2 thoughts on “Meteors, Tents, and Axes

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  1. THis dream may be predictive of an apocalyptic event by which a civilization (tents) is destroyed by the energy of Metal falling from the sky. (meteors symbolized by axes? ). It may also be a kind of remembering of a time when this happened in the distant past (your past lives?) that has a resonance with present events. There is an asteroid passing pretty close at the moment.
    There is increasing evidence of the submergence of civilizations in the past due to some cataclysm. You have talked of an ancient kingdom off the coast of vietnam and there is also the ancient kingdom of Dwarka off the coast of India:

    tents can mean displacement as well as settlement, axes could mean war or chopping wood to build a new settlement…?


  2. Six days after I posted this, a meteor was exploded mid air before it got a chance to hit a heavily populated area of Russia.

    Two things crossed my mind. First, it’s amazing that we have counteractive measures against projectile missiles and can intercept them midair. Yay humans!

    Secondly, perhaps this heralds the start of an era marked by frequent meteor strikes. We are, after all, heading into such an area of the galaxy, filled with projectiles and loose flying meteors. Hold onto your seats, because we are going through.


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