I Done Did It! My Abstract Has Been Written!

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I did it!

I actually finished my abstract for my  new book!

Even though it is only three paragraphs long, it took such a long time to write because I kept fiddling with it; writing and rewriting it constantly until it became a distillation of what I wanted zero in on.  It was painful because I am a wordy woman.  I like to ramble and go off into nooks and crannies looking for interesting lint and dust bunnies to talk about.  Lordy, I hope the rest of my book is not going to be this difficult to write.

Oh, BTW:  In case you were wondering why I am writing an abstract, I have to hang my head in semi-shame and admit to being a lazy Taobabe.  The truth is I decided NOT to reinvent the wheel and model my nonfiction book after a graduate level thesis so that I could have some sort of structure with which to hang my information on.  I figure if it’s good enough for the Ph.ds of the world, who am I to think I can come up with some better method of getting a nonfiction point across.

The focus of my nonfiction book, surprisingly enough, has very little to do with Taoism, although I guarantee you that will be included as one piece of the puzzle.  Unfortunately, my blog does not have a main focus.  I meander everywhere (that’s why it’s called Taoist THOUGHTS…we are allowed to think of things other than the Taoie sort), and a good amount of my meandering is not going to make it into the book because although it is related in various ways, the scope of this book is such that I cannot include it.

Looking back through my research, it is surprising to me that I find myself with enough material to fill several books.  My take away from all this is…the scope, depth and breadth of human knowledge is so vast and growing so fast in all directions that I could spend the rest of my life learning and absorbing knowledge of every type and never ever approach a fraction of what’s accessible out there.

Too much to do…too little time…oh my…

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