White Cat in Time-space

It happened again.

I am in the middle of a fairly boring dream where I am at a sea-side cottage with a few friends.  The details are mundane and boring—just another normal basic dream.  It is night time and I want to go outside to enjoy the ocean breeze.

Moon Beach

There is a bright moon high in the sky, so it is either fairly late in the evening or quite early in the morning.  I am standing out there, staring at the garden and beyond that, the beach where the surf is rolling in, lapping the shoreline.  All is calm and peaceful.

Suddenly, from the corner of my left eye, I see a white shape.  I freeze my body and dart my eyes to take a peek.  It is a cat.

A big one!

white cat

OK, one thing I have to point out is that in my dreams, everyone is of a dreamlike quality.  This means they often change from one person or form to another, sometimes quite randomly and sometimes due to my whim.  This entity was not of that type of entity.  

This entity is a short-haired, white, four-foot tall (standing on her hind legs) humanoid-looking cat!  She is real and solid and seems to exist outside of my dreaming mind.  This cat is of the same caliber of realness as the heavily made-up Chinese opera singer alien who visited me last month.  This means that I KNOW I do not have control over her.  

Don’t ask me why I know it’s a female cat.  She just seems to exude femaleness.

This time, I am not going to run away.  I want to talk to her.  I turn towards her and look closely.  She is sitting on her hind legs, with her fore-paws in the air, resembling a large white female lion but with more delicate features.  She moves to stand up and when she does, she looks less like a cat and more like a humanoid feline.  

Her body is solid in form.  Nothing my mind tries to do can change her back to a normal-looking cat.  That is when I realize that my lucid dream-state has been invaded by a being that is not of the usual ephemeral dreamlike state.

I stand there, not daring to breathe.  What the hell do I do?  She pauses and looks at me for a bit, and then walks on her hind legs towards me.  When she gets close enough to me, she reaches out with both her paws and touches me.  

It is a solid real feel of paws touching my shoulders.  This is the moment that I panic and call out to my friends who are immediately inside the doorway of the cottage.  They come rushing out to see what is the matter.  I manage to choke out a few words, “Get that cat off my chest!”

My friends are confused.  They can’t see anything untoward and are holding me back by the arms.  They think I am going crazy.  I struggle between my friends and the humanoid feline who is still solidly in my face.   I scream the words again. “Get the cat off me!”

girl in bed

And that was when I woke up.  I had screamed in real life, much as before, and it was my screaming that woke me up.

I think I should cut back a bit on the Linh Chi Dan.  It’s giving me really strange dreams.


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