Space-Time versus Time-Space

This is my lesson-du-jour from  ‘those-who-from-heaven-to-earth-came’.  When you view this Tao symbol from the sky, it looks like the top figure with the black yin moving towards the left side and the white yang moving to the right side.  Imagine yourself going under the earth and looking up at the symbol, and what you get is the symbol directly beneath the top symbol.  It is a mirror image.

We live in the dimension of space-time, where right is right, and left is left.  However, in the realm of time-space, the realm where we visit in our dreams at night, and where ghosts find themselves, when the Tao symbol is seen, it is seen as the mirror image, and the rotation is also reversed.  This brings the possibility of being able to affect the motion and energies within the time-space.  Care must be given though, to not disturb the denizens of that realm.  Do NOT do unto others what you would not like to have done to you.

Learn to look at the world from all angles.  As above, so below.  Unify the duality.    

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