Intergalactic Voyage Extraordinaire


Ever since we found out about Trappist-1 and her seven dwarves, my bags have been packed and ready to go!  Heck, not one, or two, or even three brand new worlds to save and introduce freedom to, but SEVEN of them!

We’ve got seven flags on seven poles to stick into each and every one of those blasted spheres.  If they don’t stay upright, we keep sticking them in and sticking them in until they’re done!

Here’s our flag, by the way, if you think I’m joking.

International Flag of Planet Earth

International Flag of Planet Earth [1]

This looks to be legit and the real deal because it has been depict on spacesuits, on a Mars base and even in Antarctica.  Because…you know…Antarctica is not really part of Earth.  It is its own entity and is already owned by otherworldly beings.

Don’t believe me if you wish, but I am telling you…Antarctica is owned by no one (no one we know that is), and not because it’s a schmutz continent that nobody wants, but because it’s already claimed land.  It’s in the same category as Mars.  Let me ask you this.  Which country owns Mars?

None would be the correct answer.

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The other big tip-off that it’s legit is the fact that Pernefeldt, the person who came up with this design, admitted that he received the ‘help’ of several entities, including NASA, LG Electronics and a few other experts in astronomy, design and chemistry, among others.

I don’t know about you, but I see NASA’s fingers in just about every slice of pie that I’ve been looking at.  Don’t get me wrong.  I actually like NASA!  I just wish they treated us with a bit more respect, a little less condescension.  I mean…not all of us are flat-earthers, and not everyone thinks the world came into being six-thousand years ago.

Sadly, there are too many rabid and fearful folks out there that the truth can’t be told because, truth of the matter is, most people can’t handle the truth.  Even something as innocuous as, there’s life on other planets in other solar systems and other galaxies and nearby universes, is something that a huge swath of the people on our planet can’t even get their heads wrapped around.  They are so afraid that they will arm themselves to the teeth and run for the hills, shooting at anything moving.  Because that’s just how we humans react to something not within our realm of comprehension.  Shoot first, ask questions later.

I am actually okay with the image on the flag.  Heck, it’s not even original.  In fact, it’s downright ancient; about as old as dirt.  We’ve seen this design many times before, in ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Asia, to name a few places.

I’m laughing as I write this because only a few days ago, I was writing about the 7 day rule for life to emerge, and today, I am linking the two together without having had any plans to do so.  The flag, in fact, is depicting the first seven days of life, in vivo.

It’s truly serendipitous that I can tie subjects together so effortlessly, and in fact, my posts quite often get hijacked, from one subject matter to another because my brain keeps connecting stuff.  I am not going to get into the details of it all because don’t want to get into biophotons, genetic waves, and the 7-day-rule right at this moment in this particular post, but I do want to add that it does link up.

Here is the diagram, which I will repost when I get back into genetic waves.


The Egg of Life is the bottom right image.  It is the same image as the International Flag of Planet Earth.  (I know, I know…it doesn’t look as purdy, but trust me, it is a very basic diagram of the same thing).  More on this in future postings, but first:  Trappist-1 and her seven dwarves.

Trappist-1 System

NASA is so sure you will want to travel to Trappist-1 that they’ve already made travel posters to entice you to go.  Here is one of them.

NASA Travel Poster [2]

We’ve gotta go!  After all, Trappist-1e has been voted as the best ‘hab zone’ vacation spot, not too far from Earth…barely 12 parsecs.  Come on, that’s barely…what…a few weeks away, with that brand new not-yet-understood EMDrive spaceship we just got!  What could possibly go wrong???

But which of those planets on Trappist-1 is e?  It gets doubly confusing when  we don’t even have a planet a.  In fact, the first planet on this solar system is named b, for whatever reason.  So tell you what I’m gonna do.  I’m gonna rename them for awhile, just so we know what we’re talking about.  And then when they get properly named, I’ll go back, delete this posting (or change it round really quick), and post the real names on them.

Here goes:


I took the NASA image and erased the boring banal letters next to each name (Doc used to be called b, and so on and so forth until you got to Dopey, which was named h).  So now, I can reference them by name and we will have no more mix-ups.

Turns out Trappist-1e that’s posted above is actually Sleepy, but we’re jumping the gun here.  Let’s start with Doc, since he’s the first one near Snow White.

(….to be continued)

[1]  International Flag of Planet Earth
[2]  NASA Trappist System

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  1. We are going to need an abstractified version of the I Ching for the new planetary system…the galactiChing?
    Or we’ll find an original there!


  2. Thanks for the headsup Kevin. I double-checked it and it seems as if it’s working fine so far, on all my devices (phone, computer, laptop, tablet). It may just be a WordPress situation since they are the one serving this out to the world.


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