Beautiful Amusement Park…Ancient Haunted Cemetery

Nothing says FUN FUN FUN more than a lush, beautiful, huge green expanse filled with gorgeous stately trees and fair foods and amusement park rides.

One side is food and fair, the other side is a trail that winds around perfectly groomed trails that can be used for walking or bicycling.

Everything is picture perfect, especially when they are all neatly built on top of what was once a lush, beautiful, huge green expanse of a military cemetery.

Note the emphasis on the word WAS.

Yes, this is the famed Lê Văn Tám Park in downtown Saigon today, but it is a very recent project. It was once the Mạc Đĩnh Chi Military Cemetery, final resting place of the people who fought and died in wars stretching from the early 1800s all the way to 1983.

At that time, the cemetery was quite large with thousands of graves. Many tombstones bore the names of French soldiers who died in the 1800s. There were also countless others who had once lived within the heart of Saigon and had died trying to defend their motherland.

The first South Vietnamese President, Ngô Đình Diệm was also interred here, along with his brother who was also a high-ranking politician, Ngô Đình Nhu. Both had died due to being assassinated by a powerful faction of the government.

Weed-choked cemetery. Most Asians tend to their family graves religiously. The lack of maintenance was due to family members who have either passed away or are no longer living in the area.

The Clearing Process of Mạc Đĩnh Chi Cemetery

In 1983, when the city government decided to decommission Mạc Đĩnh Chi cemetery and convert it into Le Van Tam park, there was a huge wholesale clearance of all the bodies that had been buried there for hundreds of years, going back to the early 1800s.

The clearance of Mạc Đĩnh Chi cemetery was part of a major project that included the razing of the French military cemetery, the Pigneau de Béhaine Mausoleum, as well as the old cemeteries in the area in and around Vũng Tàu. 

Those with family buried in Mạc Đĩnh Chi cemetery as well as the other cemeteries were given two months to arrange for unearthing and reburial of the remains.

For those graves with no family to attend to, the tombstones were removed, the graves were dug up, and whatever that was left of the human remains were collected into one colossal mound of bones and skulls.

There was a hasty ceremony done to appease the more superstitious folks, and then the jumbled bony remains, now hopelessly mixed and scattered, were carted off to another location where there was a mass cremation. The resulting ashes were then reburied in another location.

It is unclear where this other location is, but I assume that it would be another cemetery in a less expensive piece of real estate. 

At the time that the park was planned, there was another project that had been drawn up. There was $100 million US dollars that had been earmarked for a massive underground parking project that could handle up to 2,000 motorbikes, 1,250 cars, 28 buses and trucks, within three basements for commercial use. 

Unfortunately, after the grand opening date back in August of 2010, the underground parking project did not begin due to some reason, and has been stalled indefinitely. It is unknown when or even if the new construction will be started.

No official word has been released on the reason for this almost permanent postponement, but as someone who has some understanding of how the Yin world works, I can say that it probably has nothing to do with a lack of funds.

Look at all the huge projects all over Saigon worth billions of US dollars, and then look at the location of this particular piece of real estate.

This park is smack dab in the middle of what is known as the ‘land of gold’ where real estate is measured in centimeters, with tiny properties priced in the hundreds of millions USD. Far more money has been allocated and invested in areas that are far less valuable.

This huge project could only have been stalled (with no plans to be completed) due to one reason. Demons.


There is a mistaken belief that everyone who dies is allowed to move onto the next realm and/or be allowed to reincarnate. After having watched hundreds of hours of exorcisms, I can safely say that this is not the case.

For those pure of heart who can see the light, they have ascend and are no longer part of this world. For those who need extra help because their minds have twisted or their spirits crushed from the traumas that they experienced within their lifetimes…they are still here.

Reality bites.

Many people who die a peaceful death have a chance of finding their way to the light. Their minds are not crushed by terror, rage, shame, frustration, and regret.

Unfortunately, in an area that is so beset with war and destruction, the deaths of war victims, both military and civilian are, at best, unexpected and instant.

Wars can change even the mildest people into ravaged beings. If you can’t visualize what I’m saying, go to a military hospital and see all the soldiers with PTSD and broken bodies.

Now. Imagine that they are disembodied spirits––angry, tortured, pain-filled, disembodied spirits. They cannot achieve the calmness that is required to be released from the heavy realm that they have found themselves.

This is because their minds have become twisted and unstable due to physical pain and mental trauma. This causes sorrow and fear, thereby increasing frustration and fright.Increased frustration causes rage. Increased rage turns into terror.

It all snowballs so that a normal human being begins to exhibit and experience the physical and mental manifestation of a demonic being filled with terror and rage.

The terror and rage causes normal people to lash out at everyone around them. For the not-so-normal, it turns them downright evil.

Since this cemetery was not just a regular cemetery but a MILITARY cemetery, these injured souls that had been laid to rest had been severely disturbed by the razing of their graves.

For those who were able to be reinterred elsewhere, if it had been done properly, they may have been able to find their way out of this realm and into the next.

For all others, a mass ceremony done in haste and with a lack of compassion can only result in a very unfortunate situation whereby those who had died in such terrible circumstances had once again been defiled.

For those who think that there is nothing worse than death, let me hasten to assure you that there are FAR WORSE things than death.

I will detail the various types of disembodied spirits in an upcoming post, but understand with some compassion that these types of spirits were first and foremost, humans just like you and me.

As I stated, these disembodied spirits are not normal. The normal ones have already left and are either in a different place or have reincarnated.

Just as severely traumatized war patients who are still living need one-on-one compassionate counseling and treatment to recover, so do these war-torn disembodied spirits. Unless and until they have been assisted by those who have the ability to guide them, they will continue to remain in our world, unable to let go of their grief and pain and rage.

Haunted Still…

For many people, the park is a cool and happy place to go and enjoy the amusement rides and the plethora of food that can be found here. But for the locals whose families have lived in Saigon for hundreds of thousands of years, they do not come here because they know what this place was (and still is).

This park is a tragic sorrowful place filled with the souls of disembodied spirits, still roaming these very woods. Stories of hauntings continue to this very day. It is so numerous, I won’t even recount them here. Just know that these stories are more than stories, and they exist in more than one realm of reality.

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