Memoir of Un-transcended Soul 1

Transcended Souls

Before I get into the un-transcended Souls, I should start with the transcended Soul and what that entails. Since this post is about the un-transcended, I’ll quickly go over what transcendency actually means, according to Buddhist and Taoist scriptures, and then I’ll get into the nitty-gritty of what happens to those who are not able to transcend.

Think of this world as a Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, or an MIT. You would not be that far off.

Earth is a school where life lessons are taught. It is a VERY exclusive school, so lines are long and tuition is expensive. Few are allowed to attend, and not everyone who has been given a seat in a class is guaranteed to keep that seat. Everything must be earned, both through hard work and diligence.

Having said this, it is not structured so that only the best are allowed to move forward while everyone else fails. Everybody starts off with super easy lessons, and enough time and abilities are given so that the person can complete the lessons.

Similar to a video game, things get progressively harder as you advance through the lesson plans, but if you apply yourself, you should be able to pass the lessons and gain transcendency.

If you can perform well enough to pass muster, you will then transcend (aka graduate). However, it doesn’t mean school is over and you never have to go back to school. All this means is that, you have simply graduated to the next class, where more lessons await.

While you don’t have to repeat the same lessons that you just passed, there are new lessons to learn. You don’t actually finish Earth school until you have reached Enlightenment, at which time, you are then required to go to work (more on this in a future posting).

Earth, being a place of learning, also does not guarantee this transcendency. This is because it is not a land where there are guaranteed winners and everyone goes home with a gold trophy.

For those who did not pass the most recent courses in their class, they would then join the ranks of those ‘souls that have not transcended‘.

In other words, they have flunked the class, and for whatever reason, this is what happens to 99% of newdead people. These newdead entities are called U Linh.

The Souls that have not transcended

First things first. The Soul that has flunked their most recent life lessons will be temporarily stuck in the Human World.

This may sound as if it’s not that big of a deal, but the problem is that when people first die, their Souls, having been split into various components, are very weak. Their faculties will be a bit faulty.


Since they are of the yin side of reality, the newdeads vibrate at a very low frequency. Their divine Yin-Yang Eyes would have not yet opened either, which means they will not be able to see high levels of energy such as the sun, fire, electric lights, etc.

This is why they stumble through endless darkness and get lost. They cannot see the light of their eternal soul, guiding them to ascend towards the higher parts of their soul.

The un-transcended Soul will fall into a state akin to blindness as total darkness surrounds them. Their only reprieve is that they can still hear the world around them.

Oh. I need to mention that they aren’t completely blind. There is one other thing they can see.

Since their eyes vibrate at a very low frequency, they will still be able to pick up other beings that vibrate at their level. These would be all other un-transcended souls stuck in the interim space, just like them.

Temporary Amnesia

Upon death, the Soul will also be afflicted with a temporary state of amnesia, a short term memory loss that will last for about 2 days. During this time, they wander about in a state of dazed confusion.

Since they cannot remember anything, the only thing thundering through their minds are endless questions: “Who am I?” “Where am I?” “Why is it so dark?” “Can anyone see me?” “Why can’t I see anyone?”

Approximately two days after death, the Soul will have regained their memories.

It is only at this point that they realize they are dead.

Although their memories have been restored, these newdeads are still stuck within a pitch black world filled with only the sounds of the living.

If they are lucky and can find their way home, they will be able to listen in on their loved ones talking and living their normal yang lives.

If they are not so lucky…they wander around, either lost and alone, or in small groups of other lost un-transcended Souls.

In order to survive, these newdeads must adapt themselves so they can be near living people to absorb the excessive yang energies that we living humans exude so very profusely (more on this in future posting).

49 Days of Yin Existence

Forget what you’ve seen in the movies. Newdeads are still in a very weakened state and cannot yet pass through anything that has mass. This is because they still vibrate within this universe, and so therefore, they are still energy and have mass.

Since the Soul is still within the realm of the living, although they vibrate at a lower frequency, they are still essentially part of this reality.

This means that although their mass is small, it is not nonexistent. Even though we yang people cannot see them, they still exist.

Unable to see anything, they wander around, stumbling and groping in the darkness of their inadequacies to avoid bumping into walls and various obstructions of the yang world.

Good news is, since they can’t pass through matter, a newdead will not be able to pass through a living person. This is because inside each person, there is a full-fledge human soul which acts like the same ends of a magnet that will repel each other.

This means that newdeads cannot possess anyone. In fact, they are so weak that they can barely keep their own ethereal wisps of low vibratory mass together, and this state of wispy existence will last for 49 days (seven weeks) after the death date.

I will get into the nitty gritty of the newdead experience within this 49 day in my next post.

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