The Demon of Thất Diệu Mountain 4

(Continued from The Demon of Thất Diệu Mountain 3) The Princess Kim Đình  continued to watch the old wizard with horrified fascination.  She still had possession of her remaining three paternal souls, but perhaps that was because he had not completed the spell yet.  The wizard Cao Sơn's eyes were tragic, but his shoulders remained... Continue Reading →

Organic Alchemistry 5: Flower of Life

(Continued from Organic Alchemistry 4:  Nephilim of Altai) By now, you're probably wondering whatever happened to my first two posts and why all these ancient skulls have come along and hijacked it.  Actually, it was the other way around. I wanted to talk about human's sequentially-changed evolutionary path, but to do that subject any justice,... Continue Reading →

Organic Alchemistry 2: Wave Genetics

(Continued from Organic Alchemistry 1: 7 Day Rule) A wave, to my limited 3D mind, is something that comes out of the water and crashes onto shore, fueled by the energy of wind via atmospheric pressures.  It's also something that I experience as an effect of sound, which can be startling, as sonic booms rattling... Continue Reading →

Organic Alchemistry 1: 7 Day Rule

It was written in the book of Genesis that it took God seven days to create everything, from the largest to the smallest.  Also written in Sanskrit's ancient holy book, the Rig Vega, are the seven stars, seven concentric continents, and seven streams of soma, the drink of the gods.  There are many other similar... Continue Reading →

Louche Part 3: Third Density Barrier

Third Density Barrier There is a barrier between us and the otherworldly folks.  Some people describe it as a thick veil of forgetting.  Others call it an energy field that acts as walls to keep us contained within this Prison Planet we call Earth. All these points of views are valid, of course, if that is... Continue Reading →

Louche Part 2: Quantum Tunneling

(Continued from Louche Part 1: Feed Stock for Energy Beings) I started Louche Part 1 with a definition of the word louche, so I want to also define the term Quantum Tunneling, since it's not a word that anyone would use in casual conversation...unless that someone is talking to me over coffee and croissants, in... Continue Reading →

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