Winter Greens


It’s here again.  Time to start my fall/winter vegetable garden.  I love California sunshine!  We can grow pretty much everything almost all year round, with the exception of maybe two months out of the year, and even then, if we choose hardy winter veggies, they’ll still grow, despite the chilly temperatures that can drop down to mid 40s at night in the depths of winter.

My little seedling box is cute and fairly easy to work with, and since I use all the dwarf varieties that do really well in containers, I don’t have to worry about weeds or rodents that dig up from the ground.


I put the seeds in, mist them, label them, cover them, and then I wait for the miracle of life to start anew.   I have two trays each of baby bok choi, mesclune lettuce, tiny cucumbers, and English watercress.  These guys will make good eating in a few weeks.  Can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “Winter Greens

  1. It’s nice that some people can do this year round. Unfortunately, it’s not an option here in southwest Washington. Once we get to mid-September, the sun pretty much goes into hiding until March or April. But it’s good for the ferns!


  2. The weather is really the only reason why I still live in this part of the world.

    That and my lazy ass bum can’t get up the energy to make a move to a less expensive place to live (like Houston). Gotta take advantage of this year-round Mediterranean-type weather as much as I can ’cause I’m paying through the nose to have outdoor air-conditioning. 🙂


  3. But if you come to Canada, (Vancouver is cheating by the way, they have good weather AND you can go skying), you get to really experience weather bulding up your witchy taobabeness …

    Houston probably doesn’t have snow. I bet they have good mexican food tho.

    We don’t require air conditioning in the winter … 😉


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