The Physics of TaoBabe-ism


Disclaimer:  This is MY interpretation of the physics of Tao.  Since I am not a physicist, I am highly unqualified to make firm statements on anything that is remotely physicsie, and despite the fact that I am a Tao Babe, the gentle reader should also take into consideration my considerable lack of knowledge on anything of the Taoie sort as well.

Having said that, this Tao Babe saw a major connection between the Tao and physics that begs to be explored.  So here goes.

I have a few thoughts:

1.  The active participant observer is crucial for the existence of reality.

2.  Patterns of Probabilities exist, both in the smallest of atom clouds to the largest of cosmic dust clouds.

3.  Duality and the interconnectedness of polar opposites give rise to singularity and the unity of the Tao.

4.  Space/Time is relative to the observer.

Since these are huge concepts, in and of themselves, I will break them down into individual posts.  Give me a bit of time to compose them and I will post them in due course on this page.

3 thoughts on “The Physics of TaoBabe-ism

  1. You are a every intelligent little Tao babe. Your thoughts are penetrating and will further sharpen your wit, with this attitude you can only just unfold and find out.


  2. Wow! I just randomly found your site here. wow. Can’t wait until I have time to read through some more. You’re def a babe. Taoism is the Way 🙂


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